Grazia Beauty School: How Do I Define My Brows?

A softly defined, 'natural' brow can work wonders for your face. Pencils ready...

Grazia beauty school - brows

by Joely Walker |

On a par with scarlet lips and a slick of mascara, little pulls your make-up together like a softly sculpted brow – and with instant results. ‘A well-defined, groomed brow frames your face and adds flattering dimension. On the flip side, a bare brow can lose strength and definition,’ explains pro make-up artist, Mel Arter. And to be clear on the brow-goals we’re talking about here: natural is the aim of the game and subtlety is key – a style that suits all ages and defies trends.

‘If you’ve previously found it tricky to achieve brows that didn’t feel overly done or product heavy, you’ll love the new formulas – from gels to creams and crayons – which are far easier to apply, remove and offer a reliably natural finish,’ continues Mel. Just remember: start softly and build up slowly. Here’s how..


Grazia Beauty School - Brows

Grazia Beauty School - Brows
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First things first, brush your brows up and out to see their full potential before shaping. 'Fill using light, feathery strokes (which mimic hair) at the start of the brow, moving to slightly stronger application towards the arch and tapered end – blending as you go.'

Grazia Beauty School - Brows
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One of the best tools for bulking up sparse, fine or gapped brows is a microfibre gel, which adheres to both hairs and skin giving the illusion of fullness in an instant. Wiggle in at the base and brush up.

Grazia Beauty School - Brows
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Finally, if you want to go the extra mile and enhance your brows, add a touch of softly shimmering highlighter just under the arch. Use a defined brush for precision.

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Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz, £23

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz, £23

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