Holly Willoughby Reveals How She Gets This Gleaming Hair Colour At Home

Who knew Holly Willoughby was a pro at at-home hair colour? Here she tells Grazia what it takes to get it right

Holly Willoughby hair colour

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We can often be found lusting over Holly Willoughby's perfectly blonde and glossy hair mid-This-Morning catch-up, and it turns out she owes her creamy coloured shade to none other than a few at-home hair colouring sessions. Here she talks Grazia through exactly how she gets the at-home hair colour job done, and touches on a few interesting takeouts from her own hair colour journey along the way.

How Holly Willoughby's At-Home Hair Colour Expertise Came To Be

'I started using home hair colour for the first time when Garnier approached me to come and work with them. I’d never done my own hair colour at home before, I'd sort of practised a bit when I was a teenager using the stuff that washes out. My mum used to try and put in highlights and stuff like that. As far as regularly doing a tint, I hadn’t used home hair colour for years and years, and I said to Garnier that I didn’t believe it could work, and that i'd spent most of my life in a hair salon having my hair lightened to get it to the colour I wanted - I didn’t believe a home care kit could do it. So before I started working with them, I got my hairdresser to put the tint on to see whether or not it would work and both of us were really pleasantly surprised with the lift it got. '

Holly's Top Tips For Getting Your At-Home Hair Colour Perfect

'My top tips for doing your own hair colour would be to not be too scared of it and read the instructions properly. Always do a patch test, that’s really important, because you don't know how you’re going to react to it the first time you use it. And be realistic, there's a really clear description on the packet of your current hair colour and what you can expect to achieve. Do a little test at the back underneath where nobody can see it, and see if you like the colour that you get.'

Back To Her Roots

'My priority when it comes to hair colour is my roots. I don't ever do an all over tint because I don't need to, the sun needs to naturally lighten the ends anyway, so the ends seem to get lighter and lighter and the roots seem to get darker and darker. I don’t mind a bit of root, I quite like a little bit when it first grows through. Then suddenly overnight I'll wake up and it's like “Oh my god!” my roots are there. What’s great is people will always tell me on social media when my roots are coming through, so thanks guys, I always appreciate that little reminder! So yeah, root coverage and the ease of being able to do it at home - it saves me so much time.'

I feel like being blonde is part of my makeup now, I can’t imagine ever going back to brunette

Hitting On The Perfect Hair Colour

'I'm not very experimental when it comes to anything really. I've had the same hair for years and I've only recently changed that so it's shorter and I really like it, so for now I’m just sticking with that. When I find something I like I tend to be really loyal to it. I love being blonde! Sometimes it goes a bit naturally lighter in the summer, which I quite like. I feel like being blonde is part of my makeup now, I can’t imagine ever going back to brunette.'

Holly Willoughby's Hair Colour Journey

'I have kind of battled with highlights all my life. I remember having highlights done originally, but it's the up-keep of something like and also the damage from the beach. When I had my hair really long I had to really look after it because the long sections at the back would get really badly damaged. Obviously I dry my hair a lot, so over styling also doesn't work very well with the bleach. So now because I'm tinting it, I occasionally have highlights done but I'm not using the amount of bleach I did beforehand. Where I'm at now is the best place for the colour and the condition of my hair.'

Colouring Her Hair At Home During Lockdown

'I have attempted to colour my own hair during lockdown but it's not a problem for me because I do it all the time anyway. Actually what's been really nice is I did a ‘how to’ video online on my instagram and it had a really good reception. I think it's the first time that people really genuinely believe I do my own tint, even though I've been saying that forever and ever. It seemed that people were just a bit scared of doing it, so it's having that step-by-step and showing them how to do it, I think people are more confident in giving it a go.'

'I have had help, I'm not very good at getting to the back. My husband has been known to do my tint at the back of my head. My husband, my mum when she’s down, my sister, - anyone who’s here I’ll just go ‘“Oh, can you just put this on the back?”. Actually it's a lot easier than you think so you don't need that much expertise because it’s quite forgiving as it expands to cover any bits you’ve missed. I love Garnier Nutrisse in my colour 10.01 - it's faultless and so easy to use.'

On Her Biggest Hair Colour Blunder To Date

'Oh when i was younger, I think ‘Sun In’ was the most horrendous stuff because you just used to go on holiday and spray your hair with it and it would frizzle and fry your hair and you come back with white blonde hair that was frizzly and frazzled from the sunshine so that was terrible, I wouldn’t recommend that.'

Make It Your 'Me Time'

'I don't feel like it’s a chore, I actually enjoy doing my own hair colour because it's so much quicker - it’s so much more of a chore to go and sit somewhere and have someone else do it. So you just whack it on and 35 mins later you catch up on some emails or it’s the length of something on Netflix and actually it's not a big deal at all - so actually I quite enjoy it. A bit of ‘Me’ time!'

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