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There is a lot of choice when it comes to haircuts for curly hair, whether you have tight afro curls or soft waves; whether your hair is naturally curly or not - bigger, more textured hair is a style favoured among celebrities. We round up the cool haircuts for curly hair - pixie cut, bob, lob, tight curls, long sleek waves and afro curls, as modelled by the A-list.

Haircuts for naturally curly hair/haircuts for curly frizzy hair

In the 90s, the hairstyles most commonplace were poker straight, sleek and parted down the middle (think Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz). Now, though, more and more people are embracing their natural hair. Whether you love longer hair and looser curls, or your want tighter curls and so are toying with the idea of cutting your locks shorter, or you want to embrace your afro, there are many variations and styles.

Rihanna has trialled almost every hairstyle possible, and in every colour. Over the years she has experimented with numerous curly hairstyles, including long, loose curls, tight curls and curls in a shorter length and brushed out for a more bold look.

Rihanna ©Getty

Taylor Swift is an example of someone with frizzy curly waves, but nowadays she rarely wears her hair natural. Over recent years she has often chosen to wear her blonde hair in a bob, with her locks straigtened and waves sometimes worked into them with styling tongs. The effect is a sleek and tamed wavy look.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift ©Getty

If your hair is less easy to tame and style, no fear, there are haircuts for thick curly frizzy hair, too. Zendaya has styled her afro in many ways, even short and straight, but at the recent Met Gala she decided to brush it out and accentuate her natural afro.

Zendaya ©Getty

Solange has stayed faithful to her roots and has always rocked an afro, but has played around with lenghts and quirky alternatives, such as keeping the roots flattened and then brushing the hair out at the ears. To keep an afro looking healthy make sure it is well conditioned. (Shop the gallery below for the best hair products for curls.)

Solange ©Getty

Haircuts for curly hair medium length

Big, curly hair and perms were popular hairstyles in the 80s and is a look famously associated with Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Now, with perms less sought after, sleek and layered curls are more popular.

sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker ©Getty

Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker's hairdos have grown away from their younger, big hair days, and now they both rock sleeker, middle-parted hair with curls styled in to shape their faces. To create a more beachy and messy look, let your wavy hair dry naturally and then add in some styling products to accentuate texture and keep the curls held in place.

julia roberts
Julia Roberts ©Getty

For long, loose waves, blowdry your hair semi-straight and then take some curling tongs to the hair and work in the desired texture you want. Finish off with a hydrating finishing product for that healthy sheen.

Short haircuts for curly hair

You don't need to have hair down to the floor when you have curly or wavy hair - there are many cute short haircuts for curly hair. If you're feeling brave you can opt for a pixie crop like Halle Berry and Zendaya. It's not for everyone, but it's super stylish and incredibly low maintenance. Ask your hairstlylist to keep it longer on top but cut the rest short and textured. Work styling spray into it for your desired look.

halle berry
Halle Berry ©Getty

If perhaps your hair is your saftey blanket and you couldn't possibly go for a pixie cut, but you like the shorter look and the minimal upkeep that goes along with it, why not try a bob or lob (long bob).

naomie harris
Naomie Harris ©Getty

These styles aren't just for those with super straight locks, as demonstrated by the likes of Naomie Harris, Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens and Annalynne McCord. For the ultimate bold hair transformation, why not work some hair dye through it too, å la Beyoncé and Vanessa.

Beyoncé ©Getty

For the perfect wavy shoulder-length lob, ask your hairstylist to cut it a bit shorter at the back and keep the front bangs a little longer. This will create the illusion of a slimmer face, too.

vanessa hudgnes
Vanessa Hudgens ©Getty

If you have really curly hair, don't be afraid to cut layers into it yourself. Those with straight hair don't have this luxury and certainly shouldn't take scissors to their hair haphazardly, but if you want the curls to be tighter and the hair to be bigger, chop around the do as required - this is easier when the hair is already dry and styled. If you're feeling super brave, you can even attempt to cut in some bangs.

annalynne mccord
Annalynne McCord ©Getty

Shop the best products for curly hair in the gallery below


Hair products for curly hair - Grazia

hairstyles for curly hair1 of 8

hairstyles for curly hair

Aveda Be Curly Hair Enhancer, £17.40 from Look Fantastic

Tame frizz and keep your curls defined with Aveda's Be Curly lotion. Apply it onto the hair while it's still damp, work in well with your hands and then blow dry it while coaxing the curls into shape. Finish off with a little more lotion to keep the style in place for longer.

redken curling lotion2 of 8

redken curling lotion

Redken Curvaceous Ringlets, £12 from Feel Unique

This curling lotion is best for those with wavy hair who want to achieve smaller, tight curls. By working it into towel-dried hair you can create shiny, bouncy curls without frizz. Those with longer hair won't achieve small curls because of the weight, but will still get long-lasting waves.

ouidad curling lotion3 of 8

ouidad curling lotion

Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream, $26 from Ulta Beauty

This styling cream is designed specifically for tighter curls. It keeps them looking defined, bouncy and hydrated. Work this product through damp, towel-dried hair and then blow-dry or air dry, then style as usual.

tresemme curl defining spray4 of 8

tresemme curl defining spray

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Curl Defining Gel Spray, from Amazon

TRESemmé's curl spray is perfect for those who want to keep their curls defined all day long without them falling flat or becoming frizzy in humidity. To use, spray onto palms, toss hair upside down and work the product into your curls. For a more voluminous look, blow-dry it upside down.

ouidad humidity gel5 of 8

ouidad humidity gel

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, approx £45 from Amazon

Keep your curls hydrated and sleek without that frizzy, fluffy look and without getting that crunchy feeling. This product isn't too heavyweight and so won't weigh down thin curls. A little of the gel on damp hair goes a long way.

bed hair curling6 of 8

bed hair curling

TIGI Bed Head Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue, £14 from Look Fantastic

This product is a great for prepping your curly hair before further styling and will ensure any heat styling will hold for longer. And it smells super sweet, a treat!

mizani oil conditioner7 of 8

mizani oil conditioner

Mizani Supreme Oil Conditioner, £12.50 from Look Fantastic

For that sought-after, sleek sheen finish, use this nourishing oil which keeps dyed colour vibrant and keeps curls intact. While in the shower, massage into hair and leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

bumble and bumble spray8 of 8

bumble and bumble spray

Cityswept Finish, £23 from Bumble and Bumble

Define your curls with this super lightweight hair balm. Perfect for those who want a easy-to-achieve, super casual look. Apply onto dry, styled hair and work through with fingers.

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