Dani Dyer Has Mastered The TikTok Hair Curling Bathrobe Trick And We Can’t Stop Watching The Video

Get your dressing gown belts at the ready...

Dani Dyer curling hair bath robe

by Emma Stoddart |
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If there’s one thing that kept us entertained throughout lockdown, it’s TikTok. From the countless dance routines to hilarious lip-syncing videos and myriad beauty tutorials in between, TikTok fast became the number one culprit for upping our pre-snooze screen time.

One beauty hack, that you may have spotted courtesy of TikTok user Bri Harmon, involves plaiting hair around a dressing gown belt to create bouncy, beautiful curls, giving your curling tongs a day off. Bringing it back to our attention, former Love Island contestant, Dani Dyer took to Instagram to post a hair how-to using this TikTok trick - and it is totally mesmerising.

Rivalling a salon-worthy blow-out, Dani captioned the finished look: 'last night changed my life. I discovered how to curl my hair with a dressing gown rope! Whoever thought of that idea is a genius.'

Credited for making this hair hack go viral back in April, TikTok user Bri Harmon first demonstrated how to do it on the app after previously spotting it online. It quickly gained online traction with many other TikTok users having gone on to showcase the impressive results.

Dani Dyer curling hair

Thankfully for us, Dani documented how to recreate her curls – saving the step-by-step to her Instagram story highlights under the title, ‘Heatless curls'.

First up, you need a brush and dressing gown belt. After brushing out any knots and tangles, Dani places the dressing gown belt across the middle section of her hair and starts weaving the hair above and below the belt. It’s not plaiting per se, it’s simply taking sections of hair above the dressing gown belt and wrapping it under.

When you reach the end, Dani recommends just wrapping the hair around the belt and securing it with a hair tie. Once you've finished weaving and wrapping, leave the dressing gown belt in overnight and wake up to beautiful, bouncy curls that look fresh out of the salon.

The best part? No heat damage - which is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to creating loose curls.

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