Claudia Winkleman Reveals Why Her Fringe Is SO Big This Year And We Can All Relate

'I think my fringe starts at the back of my head, it’s got more weight to it than a tonne of bricks'

Claudia Winkleman

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Claudia Winkleman's fringe is a wonder. I'm putting it out there. Thick, luscious, and most likely the end goal of many a fringe lover's hair appointment. It's a fringe that's worthy of a whole interview, no less! So on a sunny day mid-lockdown Ms Winkleman herself hops on a call with me to discuss it at length (no pun intended). Its origins, its maintenance, even its DIY lockdown trim that took place under the watchful eye of hair guru George Northwood.

Claudia is quick to point out that her hair is her 'thing'. 'I have many concerns about my physical self because I can’t tell you how disgusting I look right now. If I was speaking to you on a video Zoom call your computer would have broken. Imagine Meatloaf after a particularly big Thanksgiving, that’s the situation. The only thing I’m not concerned about really is my hair.'

'Weirdly my hair is the least of my worries. I’ve only got my hair, that’s what I’m holding onto, everything else has gone to pot. My attempt at fake tan was a disgrace. I woke up with a whole hand print of it on my face. My nails are disgusting too.'

Hair Maintenance At Home

'My hair is doing well, and it's mostly because of Head & Shoulders, and I’m not just saying that.' Claudia is an ambassador for Head & Shoulders but don't let that fool you, her love of that haircare mainstay is real. Claudia uses the Head & Shoulders Supreme Purify & Volume Shampoo, £4.99. 'I’ve always used it and I love it. It doesn’t make my hair flyaway (that's one of my least favourite words). I comb the conditioner through too. Don’t leave it in for too long though, we’re not lunatics. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, it gives it oomph. If I’m feeling really fancy I might brush it when it’s wet. Then I forget about it, it just sort of sorts itself out.'

head and shoulders
©head and shoulders

'I shower, and then I curl up in bed, normally with my small person - not my husband you understand, he’s normal sized - the little person. Then I have a nap. I wake up, and my hair’s dry.'

'Under normal circumstances I’d have a trim once every two months maybe. I know I’m in trouble if I can actually eat my fringe, that’s when I know I need to go to a hairdresser.'

Watch: Claudia Winkleman Trim Her Fringe With The Help Of George Northwood

The Big Fringe Trim

Claudia sensationally joined her go-to hairdresser on Instagram to film a fringe trim. With the nation still without access to our beloved hairdressers during lockdown we can all sympathise with increasingly grown-out lengths, but how did Claudia know it was time for a chop? 'I was physically banging into things. I like a long fringe, I do not want a short fringe, that’s not acceptable at my age. It had reached the bottom of my nose and I didn’t know what to do. In order to try and help the 8 year old with his maths I had to start putting it in some sort of pineapple-like arrangement on top of my head which was repellent. I needed professional help. George Northwood was so clever. The key is parting your hair and mastering those little vertical snips. I think he’s far too major for me to call him again and say "babe can we just do it once more?" but I think I can be brave and have another go, it's starting to get long again.'

THIS Is Why Claudia Winkleman's Fringe Is SO Big And We Can All Relate

The UK has gone fringe mad, a craze not unrelated the beautiful Birkin-esque look flaunted by Daisy Edgar-Jones as Marianne throughout the hit lockdown series Normal People. 'How amazing is that woman? I mean she’s amazing, Daisy. The biggest plus of having a fringe is that you can look revolting underneath it. I mean I could be Daisy’s great grandmother let’s be honest. I look like a Shar Pei underneath, it’s a disgrace. It also makes you look put together from the get go. Even if I'm wearing what I slept in (an oversized disgusting T-shirt and an ancient pair of my teenage daughter’s leggings) if you’ve got a fringe you’re pretty much sorted. You’ve done half the work, you’ve got attitude. I just love a fringe.'

The Origin Story

'Growing up I always had a fringe. I would often pair it with bunches, I mean, buckle up, how disgusting is that?! Years later I went, had a fringe cut, and it was quite – and this is the worst word in the whole world – whispy – so I had to go back and I said "Can I have an unapologetic fringe? Really heavy."'

I think my fringe starts at the back of my head, it’s got to have more weight than a tonne of bricks

'I think my fringe starts at the back of my head, it’s got more weight to it than a tonne of bricks. They gave it to me and I knew that was that. You have to make much less effort when you have a really heavy fringe. I love eyeliner, but you don’t even need makeup really. If you’ve got a very heavy fringe, you’re wearing some old, battered, buckled-up boots and you’re holding a book then you’re done. You look like a real life pirate.' And her fringe icons? 'I've always loved Chrissy Hynde, Steve Tyler, I love that sort of look. I like a helmet of hair. I like armour, and that's what a fringe is really.'

Dream Hair

I ask Claudia how she'd play things if she could click her fingers and try out any different hairstyle for a day and she doesn't hesitate. 'Oh I know exactly what hair I’d like. Extra long, extra beachy hair. You know the sort that looks like spun gold? I mean that’s not who I am. I don’t like summer, I don’t like the beach, I’ve never worn a shoestring strapped dress, I’m always in a heavy sweater pretending it’s Christmas. People say it’s sunny outside, I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a garden. The kids say "mummy shall we get fresh air?", why? Let’s get into bed and pretend it’s not happening. But I like that look. I like 20 bangles and long, sun-kissed hair that you can just tie up without any form of equipment, that kind of hair. Beach hair, California hair.' Well we're pretty fond of your hair as it is Claudia. Just saying.

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