The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From Just £6.99

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Best Clarifying Shampoos

by Remy Farrell |

A hardworking shampoo is an essential step in our haircare routine, and there's an abundance of options. No matter what your hair type however, we all need a deep cleanse every now and the only thing for it, is a clarifying shampoo.

What is Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove that cloying, greasy build-up from hair products, minerals in water, oils, dirt and chemicals, all of which accumulate over time and weigh hair down, causing it to look limp and dull. Enter the clarifying shampoo.

"When you’re looking for a deeper, more purifying kind of clean (that can feel like a luxurious beauty treatment), you use a clarifying shampoo," recommend haircare specialists Davines. "Specific formulas obviously vary, but in general, clarifying shampoos work to help dissolve product build-up, oil and dead skin cells, giving you the deepest clean and much-needed detox for your hair and scalp".

What Are The Benefits of Using Clarifying Shampoo?

Think of clarifying shampoos as a facial for the scalp. If you're experiencing a flaky scalp with lots of fall out, it might not necessarily be dandruff, but could be a build-up of product. By using one of these deep cleaning shampoos, you can instantly reset and refresh your hair, by stripping it of the grimy surface layer and giving your scalp chance to breathe.

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Does Clarifying Shampoo Work For All Hair Types?

Yes! Clarifying shampoos do work for all hair types, but use sparingly if your hair is naturally porous, or freshly coloured or treated. The strength of the formula could weaken an already compromised hair shaft (the outer layer of each strand). However, there are also sulphate free options that will give the same deep clean, without entirely stripping back the cuticles.

How Often Do You Need To Use It?

Depending on your usual styling routine and how many products you use, will depend on the frequency. But unlike regular shampoos, these won't need to be used more than once a week, think of it more as a treatment wash, and recommended use can vary from every other week or every other month depending on the level of build up.

Scroll down to discover our edit of the most effective, affordable clarifying shampoos on the market for every hair type and texture.


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The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Oily Hair:This purifying formula tackles excess sebum to cleanse the scalp and repair dehydrated and damaged fibres. Pros/Cons:It's silicone free which means smooth, frizz free strands without weighing hair down.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Hair That Needs A Refresh: In need of a detox? Rosemary Leaf Extract and Witch Hazel purify the scalp and sweep away dead skin, while Coconut and Australian Tea Tree Oils moisturise hair leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.Pros/Cons:The formula is gentle enough to use everyday, so for those with particularly oily, or product heavy hair, you can enjoy clean freshness as much as your hair needs it without stripping it of nutrients.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Humidty Hair: A revitalising shampoo formulated with Apple Cider Vinegar for that squeaky clean feeling, but you needn't worry about the smell, it's imbued with the brand's signature Melrose Place fragrance.Pros/Cons:Hydrolysed keratin acts to prevent humidity frizz, so expect smooth, defined curls that won't lose shape. Pair with the brands Leave in Conditioner, £22, for best results.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Sensitive Scalps:Aveeno are known for their sensitive skincare line and are specialists in soothing itchy, broken, and dry skin, and your scalp is no exception. Made with colloidal oats and botanical ingredients, the new Clarify and Soothe shampoo reduces flakes without stripping hair of its natural oils. Pros/Cons:Gentle enough for daily use, and clinically proven to relieve itchy scalps. Although it is mild acidic, its also safe to use on colour treated hair.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Hair That Needs A Wake Up Call: Specifically designed for oily scalp types, the zingy formula is infused with peppermint extract, to soothe and invigorate your scalp as you cleanse. Pros/Cons: The amino acid complex helps to build, strengthen and fortify hair by boosting moisture retention. Reviews also recommend it for use on thin or fine hair.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Thick Hair:A gentle but effective shampoo that uses Turmeric root extract to help tone the scalp, and coconut oil to cleanse and purify without strippingPros/Cons: Chämpo warn that less is more when it comes to this concentrated formula as it contains 'formidable' natural actives. However, its also impressively free from SLS, Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic fragrance, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs, GMOs and artificial colour, so you needn't worry about irritation.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Dry Ends:A daily detoxing shampoo that deeply cleanses the hair and scalp with mineral-rich thermal mud, and a cuticle smoothing dose of Baltic Sea red algae. Pros/Cons: For an ultra deep clean regime, use alongside the brands sea salt scrub to exfoliate congested scalps, and the purifying mask treatment to draw out impurities.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Sustainable Shoppers:Made with revolutionary Vegan Silk Protein, this refreshing shampoo is part of The Body Shop's 3-step Tea Tree routine to repair hair from the inside out. Use the shampoo alongside the conditioner and scrub for the ultimate clean routine.Pros/Cons:The shampoos sustainable credentials are a huge plus. Made with 93% ingredients of natural origin, including organically-grown Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, including Community Fair Trade recycled plastic collected off the streets of Bengaluru, India.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Fine Hair: An ultra-lightweight wash infused with White Vinegar to wash away product build-up without eliminating essential moisture. (The peppermint and rosemary scent make this shampoo a real delight too).Pros/Cons:Don't expect a rich lather, as it is less soapy and more of a rinse. But reviews note its prowess in removing purple shampoo residue for any blondes who regularly use toning shampoos.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Curly Hair:This dynamic duo**** removes product build up with an exfoliating Shampoo, and soothes and rebalances dry and irritable or oily scalps with a gentle, foaming, hydrating cleanser. Pros/Cons:Curl experts Boucleme know to how wash and prep curly, kinky and coily hair, and are the best choice for afro textures. For critically dry scalps, follow up with the brand's Dry Scalp Serum, £20, that helps build a healthy scalp microbiome.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For Dandruff Sufferers:**This salon quality shampoo is specifically designed for those with occasional dandruff, and it's clear, purifying formula helps combat and control flakiness without putting undue stress on sensitive skin. Developed for use in professional salons, the primary ingredient Piroctone Olamine is commonly found into anti-dandruff shampoos and to treat fungal infections.Pros/Cons:** This can be hard to find on the market and is in limited supply online. Act fast to get a bottle of this hair care gold dust.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For A Detoxing Treatment:Just like a face mask, Amika's exfoliating shampoo includes charcoal and pink clay to draw out impurities, and uses and sea salt to deep clean and purify the hair. The needle nose applicator even makes directed application a doddle. Pros/Cons: Although use for all hair textures is encouraged, its not recommended for coloured or chemically treated hair.

The 14 Best Clarifying Shampoos From £6.99
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Perfect For All Hair Types: Loaded with sugars, minerals and betanin to condition the hair, and peppermint and sorrel extracts help to refresh, Noughty's affordable offering is a hardworking, plant powered shampoo that prides itself in being ethically conscious. Pros/Cons: Customers recommend using in conjunction with a conditioner to avoid dryness, but the brands decision to include reviews from customers with all hair types, from a wide range of ages, and including pictures means you can see the real results that you can expect.

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