12 Brilliant Bargain Shampoos For Under £10

Shampoo needn’t cost you a small fortune - these reasonably priced picks rival the high-end brands

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Shampoo is an essential step in our haircare regime. ‘It keeps your scalp clean and healthy – which is really important to the health of your hair,’ says Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley. But finding ‘the one’ for you that works without stripping colour, weighing hair down or leaving it dry can be difficult, especially on a budget (read here to find out the difference between a £2 and £20 shampoo).

Thankfully, there are plenty of savvy formulations out there from affordable, high street brands that cater to every hair type and texture. From the likes of L’Oréal Paris, Cantu and [Herbal Essences](https://www.boots.com/herbal-essences-bio-renew-sulfate-free-shampoo-with-potent-aloe-hemp-10275672?cm\_mmc=bmm-buk-google-ppc-\_-PLAs-\_-(GB:Whoop!)) – scroll down to discover our edit of the purse-friendly, hard-working shampoos that cleanse just as well as their luxury counterparts, but for a fraction of the cost.


Best Cheap Shampoo 2021

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: You probably already know Herbal Essences fantastic Bio:Renew Shampoos & Conditioners, but the range has now been relaunched with a new vegan formula, a recyclable conditioner tube and shampoo bottle, and twice as much nourishment as before. Product details: Choose from the Argan oil set to repair, Coconut Milk to hydrate, or Strawberry & Mint to purify, Pros/cons: Herbal Essences are continuing to champion responsible beauty by reducing their impact on the environment, and offering formulas that are both natural and effective.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: The originators of the shampoo bar Lush, have a range of several bars to choose from, the Soak and Float is packed with essential oils that are kind to skin and smell great. Product details: Marigold, Cedarwood and Cade oil keeps hair shiny and soft, while the texture of the bar adds an additional gentle exfoliant to take care of your scalp. Pros/cons: Lush sold 6.6 million shampoo bars in 2019 alone, saving over 19 million shampoo bottles from going to landfill, a big pro for sustainable shopping.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: 1 in 4 women experience hair breakage every day. To help strengthen stands try this shampoo supercharged with biotin, vitamin B5 and arginine.Product details: This product works well on fragile hair, nourishing the scalp and reinforcing the lengths. The ingredients create a barrier, protecting and strengthening the hair.Pros/Cons: It helps to get your hair in better condition, bringing life back into it, reducing the dryness and damage that causes breakage.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: This award-winning, sulfate free shampoo is enriched with 100% pure shea butter to nourish and hydrate curly, coily and wavy hair. Product details: This shampoo removes product buildup to give you healthier hair. The Shea Butter will also help to restore your real, authentic curls.Pros/Cons: Although this shampoo is aimed towards curlier hair, it can also be used on other hair types to keep it in good condition with the natural ingredients.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Itchy, irritated scalp? Turn your head to this new shampoo from Aveeno, pronto. Made with colloidal oats and botanical ingredients, the formula removes product build up, bolsters shine and soothes the scalp. Triple tick!Product details: This product is ideal if you have sensitive skin and need something gentle for your hair routine. It's made with a pH balanced formula that clarifies your hair whilst relieving an itchy scalp.Pros/Cons: It also helps with dry scalp and reduces flakes but without stripping the hair of any natural oils, keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Fine, damaged hair? Treat it to this smoothie blend of watermelon and pomegranate that adds volume and nourishes without weighing hair down. Product details: It targets damaged, coloured and/or limp hair. The natural ingredients are designed to cleanse hair and plump up volume.Pros/Cons: The scent. The scent is just incredible.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Specifically designed to care for afro, curly and wavy hair, this hydrating formula gently cleanses hair, removing product build up, without stripping the strands of their essential oils. Product details: Made with Argan oil deeply hydrates while vital vitamins protect hair from environmental aggressors. Pros/Cons: It doubles up as the perfect primer for styling.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: This shampoo is designed for all hair types - even the more delicate - softening and protecting the hair whilst respecting the natural balance of the scalpProduct details: Oat milk contains a high content of lipids and vitamins which are great for protecting and moisturising hair. Use this weekly to strengthen and soften strands.Pros/Cons: It works for all ages, from age three and above, so it's suitable for the whole family.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Most shampoos' main ingredient is chemically treated water. Maui Moisture, however, starts with 100% aloe vera juice as the base ingredient, followed by coconut water. For a serious dose of hydration, try the Revive & Hydrate shampoo rich in macadamia and coconut oils. Product details: A mixture of Shea Butter and rich Coconut and Macadamia Oils is a combination you need to restore your hair, and to keep it in the best condition.Pros/Cons: It also smells amazing, and works on all hair types - whether that is curls, dry/damaged, or normal.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Ideal for fine hair in need of a boost, this powerful combo of proteins and amino acids help to strengthen strands from the inside out for fuller, thicker hair. Product details: Enriched with collagen and glycerine, this shampoo penetrates inside the hair to nourish it from within, providing an extra boost of hair volume.Pros/Cons: It gives professional-quality results, with people seeing a noticeable difference in the volume of their hair.

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Summary: Aussie is brand known for their game-changing hair care. And this shampoo is no different.Product details: Starring Australian hemp seed oil, this shampoo promises to smooth and calm frizz, leaving hair shiny and soft. Pros/Cons: There is nothing more to say, other than it tames your frizzy hair and leaves you with luscious locks. Worth every penny.

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Summary: It is designed to be used in every wash, making staying on top of your blonde hair even easier.Product details: This violet-toned, high pigment shampoo is a godsend for blondes who want to banish brassy yellow tones. It also expertly moisturises hair with vitamin B5 and wheat proteins. Pros/Cons: Although this is a good shampoo, it is only really suitable for those with dyed blonde hair.

Best Cheap Shampoo
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Summary: Designed for medium textured hair, this formula contains hydrating wheat protein and antioxidants to ward off environmental aggressors. Product details: Infused with guar to smooth, wheat protein to strengthen and hydrate, and antioxidants to protect each stand from environmental damage.Pros/Cons: This shampoo also helps to fight frizz, detangle, and leaves hair bouncy - all-round benefits for using this shampoo.

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