This New Zara Perfume Is About To Go Viral And Here’s Why

Perfect for layering, TikTokers are billing it as a dupe for Glossier's You perfume

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Zara perfumes are somewhat of a phenomenon in the fragrance world. Once a till-side shopping section largely ignored by high street regulars, the Zara perfume shelves have become an in-store hotspot thanks to a number of their hero fragrances hitting the big time on TikTok. A handful are considered pretty decent dupes for their high-end counterparts, while others have earned a cult following that's entirely their own. The retail giant's latest £22 launch is set to continue Zara's fragrance legacy - we predict a viral sell-out and here's why.


Zara's new Into The Layering Fragrance Collection just dropped three new scents, namely Blanc-à-Porter, Splendid Bronze, and True Amour, £22.99 each. One week on from the launch and Blanc-à-Porter is already reeling in the likes.

What does Zara's Blanc-à-Porter perfume smell like?

Blanc-à-Porter, £22.99, is warm with notes of musk mallow, bergamot and cashmere wood. It's delicate and subtle. Some TikTokers have gone as far as to liken it to Glossier's cult classic You Eau de Parfum, £57, though we're not so sure any dupe - however convincing - can ever come close to matching the allure of such an acclaimed industry titan. That said, if you're a fan of second-skin style perfumes that fire up that sense of nostalgia and comfort, this offering's a steal at £22.99.

The art of layering perfumes

While the new Zara perfume collection's layering hook is an exciting new direction for the brand's fragrance category, layering scents is nothing new and is a well established tradition in Middle Eastern cultures. In these regions of the world, scents are layered with such precision they can define an entire household. If you've just left your friend's home it's likely whoever you meet next will immediately know where you've been. Perfume brands such as Kayali and D.S. & Durga all offer sophisticated fragrance enhancers designed to be layered (see: Kayali's Discovery Layering Set, £17.60, and D.S. & Durga's best-selling I Don't Know What, £155). If you're new to the layering game, this new Zara perfume collection is a great entry point, yes, but get passionate about the art and you'll soon outgrow it. Affordable and more-ish, these fragrances will see you through in the interim.

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Zara Blanc-à-Porter
Price: £22.99


The new Zara perfume collection's most popular option is this delicate and subtle warm skin scent,


The unshakable popularity of this perfume has never waned. Recommended by beauty editors and

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