This Is Our Favourite Autumn Combo And Chances Are, It’s Already In Your Wardrobe

As summer comes to an end, why pack away your floaty frocks? Just layer them over your trousers for the perfect trans-seasonal look that doesn't require buying anything new

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by Megan Doyle |

The temperature might be dropping, but don’t let that stop you from clinging on to what’s left of the summer — and your holiday wardrobe — just yet. This autumn, we’re taking cues from the style set, who have been layering dresses and trousers for the ultimate trans-seasonal outfit. It also means you don't need to buy anything new. Who doesn't, after all, have a dress and pair of trousers ready to go in their wardrobes?

If you do feel the need to buy one of the dresses or pairs of trousers featured below, why not take the opportunity to donate something you don't wear anymore to TK Maxx, as part of our new campaign ro make fashion more circular? Read more about that here...

In the meantime, we’ve compiled five ways you can rework this 90s classic combo so that it feels 2019 appropriate.

Keep it simple

Zara, Creased-Effect Camisole Dress, £29.99, Creased-Effect Satin Trousers, £19.99

BUY: Zara, Creased-Effect Camisole Dress, £29.99

BUY, Zara, Creased-Effect Satin Trousers, £19.99

Overcomplicating the situation with prints —especially when you’re trying a new trend— is a surefire way to look and feel like you’re being swallowed by your clothes. Take a more minimalist approach, choosing a slip like Zara's and styling it over matching trousers.

Break it up

Arket, Fleece Dress, £79, Running Tights, £45 ©Arket

BUY: Arket, Fleece Dress, £79

BUY: Arket, Running Tights, £45

If you're petite or worried about long swathes of fabric, why not try a jumper dress over sporty leggings? Arket's khaki hooded fleece over moss-coloured leggings is what all the cool girls will be wearing when the temperature drops.

Play with contrasts

Stine Goya, Daki Dress, £218, John Pants, £194 ©Stine Goya

BUY: Stine Goya, Daki Dress, £218

BUY: Stine Goya, John Pants, £194

Playing around with contrasting fabric/textures/styles is a one-way-ticket to a more visually dynamic look. The frill-collar dress over these minimalist brown slacks is quite alluring, no?

Sheer delight

& Other Stories, Sheer Mesh Ruffle Tier Midi Dress, £95, Wool-Blend Dobby Tailored Trousers, £95 ©& Other Stories

BUY: & Other Stories, Sheer Mesh Ruffle Tier Midi Dress, £95

BUY: & Other Stories, Wool-Blend Dobby Tailored Trousers, £95

This summer, sheer dresses in all sorts of pastel hues have been on our radar. Playing with sheers layers isn't for the faint of heart, but looks amazing when done right. Perhaps it's the Molly Goddard effect, but when it comes to sheer - the bigger, the better.

Button down and up

Look for dresses with buttons that can be undone as you please. They make your dress way more versatile, so you can choose how many — or few — you button up depending on the waistline of your trousers. High street favourites & Other Stories and Zara have lots of great options, including this puff sleeve navy knit dress we spotted!

SHOP: The Dresses Over Trousers Trend

How To Wear the Dresses Over Trousers Trend

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Topshop, Open Back Shirt Dress In Zigzag, £39



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Mango, Palazzo Trousers, £49



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& Other Stories, Micro Floral Midi Shirt Dress, £75



4 of 10

Whistles, Sakari Corset Trouser, £169



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Mango, Long Knit Dress, £35.99



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Reiss, Split Front Tailored Trousers, £115



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Zara, Dotted Mesh Tulle Dress, £29.99



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ASOS, ASOS EDITION Sequin Wide Leg Flare Trouser, £85



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2NDDAY, Jamboree Sheer Mini Dress, £180



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Monki, Wide Leg Utility Trousers in Pink, £30