How To DIY Your Very Own (Very Chic) Christmas Wreath 

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With a helping hand from the experts at Interflora, simply follow these steps to create one seriously stylish festive floral arrangement. Tight on time? Shop Interflora's own wreath range, handcrafted by independent artisan florists. 

We’ve come a long way since the Christmas decor I remember as a child – masses of tangled multicoloured lights, tinsel-clad Christmas trees, pop-up foil ceiling decorations and, of course, my own school-crafted baubles. Now, now, don’t get me wrong. There’s an unbeatable beauty to that nostalgia, and definitely no right or wrong way to dress a tree – especially with kids around. That’s all part of the joy! But as I get older, I personally like to pimp out my home with fewer, impactful pieces designed to bring the cheer and still fit with my aesthetic. However, there’s one important part of Christmas decorating that has stuck with me throughout my life no matter what – and that’s the Christmas wreath. A chic, beautifully made wreath can instantly elevate your decor and set the perfect mood for the season - not the mention make your door look the fanciest it has all year.

To make your own, you could hunt down a festive workshop or class that will show you how or, with the help of Interflora, you could follow a few tips below to create your own at home.

Interflora are experts in flowers whatever time of year. A community of 900 independent florists on British high streets, Interflora only works with skilled artisans who properly know their stuff – no production lines, no factories, just people who love, care and pour their heart into one-off creations to send to your special someone. This step-by-step guide to creating your own personal wreath is a sure-fire way to bring the festive cheer – but if you simply don’t have time to spare this holiday season, Interflora do have a collection of chic wreaths, modern ‘swags’ and impressive festive arrangements you can buy too. No judgement here!

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 How to craft your own Christmas wreath with Interflora

Step 1 – Make a Very Merry Moss Base

To get started, you'll need a wire frame and a large piece of moss. Lay the moss over the frame and use florist wire to bind it, leaving about 1 inch of wire at the end to secure later. Be sure to wrap the wire around the moss, leaving a finger's width between each turn to avoid tying it too tightly. Continue binding the moss without cutting the wire until the entire wreath frame is covered. Finally, twist the ends of the wire together to secure the moss base. Keep the wire intact as you'll need it for the next steps.

Step 2 – Prep Your Festive Foliage and Flowers

Blue spruce, eucalyptus and conifer will give your wreath that traditional festive look and fragrance you crave from November onwards. You could definitely try foraging for these in your local area but, if you're tight on time or an inner city liver, just head into your local Interflora florist for a helping hand in sourcing your wreath must-haves by the stem. For your blue spruce, cut the smaller side branches off and discard the main stem. To make it easier for you to push the pieces into your wreath later, pull off some of the pine needles at the bottom of each piece. Prep your conifer by cutting each branch into 2-3 pieces.

To cue some Christmas colour, bring on red skimmia and hypericum berries. Cut each stem of your hypericum berries and skimmia into smaller pieces. Remove the leaves from the hypericum berries as these will eventually go brown. For your eucalyptus, cut each piece into smaller pieces, and just like you did with your blue spruce, take off a few leaves at the bottom.

Step 3 – Ready Your Real Christmas Wreath to Hang

Before you start adding your foliage and flowers, remember to create a loop for hanging your wreath. This is best done before your wreath becomes too thick. Cut a small piece of twine, fold it in half, and wrap it around the base of your wreath. Loop it back through itself and tie the two cut ends together. Now, your Christmas door wreath is ready to hang.

Step 4 – Wreath Making Magic

Take your prepared pieces of spruce and conifer and start tucking them into the moss base. Layer each piece over the last, fanning them out in an anti-clockwise direction. Arrange them loosely to create a soft, natural shape, making sure each piece slightly extends outwards.

Step 5 – Prep Your Extras

For a charming addition to your wreath, prepare pine cones and orange slices. Insert a piece of wire (approximately 15cm) just beneath the rind of each orange slice and twist it together. For pine cones, bend a piece of wire around the base of the cone and twist the ends together. Fancy something more contemporary? Tuffs of colourful feathers, pampas,

Step 6 – Put your trimmings in place

Place your pine cones and orange slices into your wreath wherever you see fit. There's no right or wrong placement, so follow your creativity. To attach them, push the wire through the moss from the front until it pokes out the other side, then push it back into the moss base to secure it.

Or simply purchase one of Interflora's florist-made designs instead

Keep It Classic

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of time at this time of year meaning any hopes of crafting out own wreath are slim. Instead, treat yourself to one of Interflora's Luxury Winter Christmas wreaths complete with fresh flowers as well as dried, all neatly tied in a bow for added pizazz.

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Serious Swag

If you're looking for something a little different to your usual wreath this year, give one of Interflora's modern 'swags' a go. This trending style ditches the traditional ring formation for more of a bunch, bringing together intriguing textures and of the moment colour. The 'Classic' keeps things fairytale traditional, with a velvet bow, pine bones, eucalyptus and even some dried cotton if you're lucky!

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Merry and Bright

Brighten up your home this winter with a wreath full of gorgeous colour. It's a little unexpected in rich and vibrant reds and pink, but that's what makes this so special.

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Do Something Different

Interflora also offer a 'Winter Trending' swag so those who like to flex a little extra personality when it comes to festive decor. This season expect muted tones of pink and peach with accents of plum or grey and don’t be surprised to find dried flowers in the mix too.

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Truly Timeless

Because it’s handcrafted by your local florist using the freshest flowers and foliage available on the day, the wreath you end up with may look a little different from the ones pictured here depending on the flowers they have in. But the mood remains the same - adorned with dried fruit and finished in a gorgeously festive red velvet bow. It's like something on the front of a Christmas card!

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Bang On Trend

This trending style brings together intriguing textures and of the moment colour. It's light on fresh florals and heavier on dried for a longer lasting finish.

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Nice Surprise

Not quite sure which way to go this year? Leave it up to the experts instead. The Interflora Surprise Wreath allows your local florist to let their creative juices flow, crafting a one of a kind wreath with the freshest, most gorgeous blooms they have in store, making sure the colours and texture work perfectly together.

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