Emily Domesek: The Woman Who Found Mystery Guy She Fell For On A Plane And It’s Exactly Like a Movie

Emily Domesek from NYC was finally reunited with a man she met on a plane, after forgetting his last name and launching a search effort. It's basically a film plot.


by Stevie Martin |
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In today's 'Oh god the world is beautiful I'm crying' news, a woman who fell for a man during a flight to Dallas - but forgot to get his full name - has finally found him after launching a Twitter search involving American Airlines. Someone really needs to write a movie about two people who meet up, there's chemistry, they lose each other and eventually find each other again. I mean, c'mon Hollywood, that's a whole new genre of film we've just created there. Free of charge.

Emily Domesek, from New York, hounded the airline after making the schoolboy/girl error of letting a hot man get away without having photocopied his ID. Forgetting his last name, but remembering just enough details to merit a bit of searching (as well as having snapped a photo on her Samsung watch-of-the-future-except-it's-here-now), she made up for lost time by immediately getting on Twitter.

'@AmericanAir: just got off my flight with my future husband, but didn't catch his full name. Wanna be match maker?' she wrote and, when the airline palmed her off with a nothingy good luck message, kept going like a love-trooper. '@AmericanAir what happened 2 romance? I'm just a girl, standin in front of the world,asking an airline to help her (2 quote Nottingham Hill)'.

Or rather, Notting Hill. But we'll let that slide because the gal's got balls, even if she doesn't have a solid knowledge of Richard Curtis films from 1999. While they refused to contact the guy known Clauco, originally from Torino and currently living in SoHo (blah blah data protection blah probably don't give out private details of people, even in the name of love blah), they did put out a call for anyone who recognised those three details...

And then there was a twist. An actual, real-life, Hollywood twist.

After all the social media detective-work, on of Emily's mates ended up knowing him. He was standing right in front of her all along just like that bit in [insert any title of any romantic comedy/film involving a love plot]! There's been no word on the actual moment of reconciliation, but we imagine it was on a bright, blustery day and they caught sight of each other across a park before kissing suddenly in the rain (weather is temperamental, OK).

'To close the book on this story. The universe brought us together & he's amazing. FULL STOP. #romance CC: @AmericanAir,' she tweeted - and then, maddeningly enigmatically: '@AmericanAir all I an say: I'm grateful to Flight1073, my @SamsungMobileUS watch (w/ his photo) & friend I saw @ Apple store who knew him xo'

Will it last? Will they find out that, actually, it wasn't worth the hassle? We'll never know.

Cue end credits (accompanied by reboot of indie classic sung by girl with a baby voice and grainy images of couple enjoying their lives together - including image of them in a field).

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