OKCupid Now Lets You Search For A Third Person To Join Your Relationship

Monogamous users on OkCupid are now in the minority.

OKCupid Now Lets You Search For A Third Person To Join Your Relationship

by Chemmie Squier |

Online-dating site, OKCupid, has just made it even easier for people in multiple-partner relationships to find other people to join in with their new function that allows users to be 'linked' together on their profile.

Although the ‘open relationship’ status was added back in 2014, the new feature, which was rolled out last Friday, means that two people can now search for someone to join their relationship together.

This makes OKCupid the first mainstrean dating website to offer this option. And, the reason they're doing it? Apparently, you guys wanted it. According to their data, 24% of users are ‘seriously interested’ in group sex’ and 42% would consider dating someone already involved in an open or polyamorous relationship. On top of this, monogamous users now make-up the minority of the people using OKCupid at only 44% (down from 56% in 2010).

The new feature also means that individuals who want to join a relationship will also be able to identify polyamorous relationships when searching. But, if this all sounds a little bit too much for you then don't worry; users searching for monogamous relationships will not see profiles of those in non-monogamous relationships.

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