5 So Called ‘Crazy’ Ex Girlfriends Share Their Side Of The Story

Lies, Cheating and Controlling Behaviour. Behind Every Crazy Ex There’s Usually A Good Excuse, Or Just A Right Dickhead.

‘Crazy Ex’s Of Reddit’ Share Their Side Of The Story

by Ruby Norris |
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Ever been falsely accused of crazy behaviour or need to fess up to an irrational act of jealousy? Now’s your chance to share your side of the story as Reddit strikes again with a thread dedicated to crazy exes.

Here at The Debrief we’re not entirely okay with the term 'crazy ex', we often find that there’s more than one side to every ex-related story and 9 times out of 10 someone has been a bit of a dick in the process. We’ve selected a few of our favourite comments from the Ask Reddit threadto shed some light on the situation.

1. Anything but the sweatpants!!!


Sorry Chris, but we agree. What a dick!

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2. No vacation, no pets, no luxury…

…we’d go crazy too!

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3. Don’t get us started on mixed signals

It (mostly) always takes two to tango.

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4. The injustice is too much

Sometimes there’s no point trying to convince people you’re not actually insane. You know the truth and that’s what matters.

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5. This one is just gross

Ew ew ewwwww!!

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