Apparently We’re All Cheap Dates On Valentine’s Day

Apparently the best gift girls can receive on Valentine's Day is a kiss – all of mankind rejoices


by Sophie Cullinane |
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I’ve got some good news for the cash-strapped Romeos out there – apparently we’re all really cheap dates and would actually rather a kiss than an extravagant present on Valentine's Day. Who knew?!

According to a survey of 5,000 people by insurers AXA, girls don’t really want sexy underwear for Valentine's Day and most would rather have a kiss goodbye on the way to work. And apparently if they guys in our lives insist on buying us something (which guys have they been talking to?!), they’re best off getting us roses.

Only a tiny 34% of the girls polled said they wanted underwear as a gift, while twice as many wanted flowers. I can sympathise with this – a boyfriend once got me a bra so small that it actually bruised my boobs when I tried it on. Our health is at stake here.

But regardless of whether or not we want flowers, it looks like most of us aren’t actually getting any, with almost one in five women claiming to have never been giving flowers by their partners. Still, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, because both men and women said that a morning kiss was their most important routine, with a spontaneous declaration of love next on women’s lists. So maybe it really is the simple jestures that make the difference. Nawwww.

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