23 Tinder Nightmares That Cannot Be Unseen

It's enough to make us ditch our phones and join the nearest convent. Or y'know, stop using Tinder.

24 Tinder Nightmares That Cannot Be Unseen

by Kat de Naoum |
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If ever one had a reason to regret swiping right on Tinder, it would be this collection of horrendous Tinder openers from @tindernightmares. From the racist to the myogynistic to the downright creepy, it’s enough to make you ditch your phone for good and Google ‘nunneries in the Greater London area.’

We’re not totally down on Tinder in the style of Vanity Fairin fact here’s why we think online dating can be pretty fantastic – but these gems make us wonder why we bother sometimes... Read on and weep.

1. The more-than-faintly-racist guy

2. The Tinder guy that ruined ramen for everyone

3. The guy who’s inexplicably aggressive about his date plans

4. The patriot

5. The criminal

6. Emoji guy

7. The guy who’s spent the last 20 minutes Googling ‘Tinder chat up lines’ – and came up with this

8. The... sorry, what?

9. The grown man who finds fart jokes funny

10. The one with the slightly-too-weird fetish

11. The Tinder guy with a sweet tooth

12. The guy who possibly had his phone stolen halfway through this exchange

13. The really, really clean guy

14. The guy who decided to change tactics mid exchange

15. The guy who really loves bowling

16. The guy who loves a catchy tune

17. The music fan

18. The most inappropriate guy ever

19. This smooth operator

20. This guy who gets really cold ears

21. The animal lover

22. Again... what?

23. The guy that could potentially make us go and get our tubes tied

Warning: these lines are NOT to be used if you would actually like to hear back from potential matches. If you want a chance at Tinder success, see our guide of 19 original Tinder opening lines that might actually make us want to reply.

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