The 10 Most WTF Moments From BBC Three’s Clique

Trust us, there's loads (also, major spoilers here guys).

BBC 3 Clique

by Arianna Chatzidakis |

If you haven't yet had the chance to watch BBC Three's new six-part drama series Clique, then get on it, stat. We've been gripped by the major plot twists and dark storyline that is centred around the mysterious lives of two university students.

And if you've already binge-watched every single episode, then we bet that there have been several shocking WTF moments that have left you gobsmacked. Yep, us too - and we need to share our thoughts on them with you. But if you haven't yet started watching the series, be warned that there are some major juicy spoilers below.

1. When Holly found Fay in the bath

You would think that Fay Brookstone had it all: friends, good looks and a top position at the Solasta Women's Initiative. But apparently not, because in the very first episode, she was found lying semi-conscious in the bath, having apparently slit her wrists. But it was only going to get darker...

2. When Fay jumped (or fell) from a building

Just as we were feeling relieved that Fay was on the mend, the end of episode one took a dire turn: we witnessed her plummet to her death from the top of the hospital. Did she commit suicide? Did she get pushed? There were SO many questions floating around in our heads at this stage.

3. When something major happened to James Buxton

If there's one thing that you need to know about Clique, it's that the makers of the show definitely aren't afraid to kill off characters. We only managed to get three episodes in before banker James Buxton's lifeless body was pulled from the river.

4. When we discovered what Holly did as a kid

Throughout the series, the main protagonist Holly McStay keeps on having flashbacks of someone drowning. We later discover that when she was younger, she had convinced her friend's sister Lisa to jump into the sea as a dare, and presumably, she drowned.

Considering that we keep on returning to these drowning scenes, and Holly screaming 'come back, I'm sorry', we reckon that she's pretty plagued by her actions, and can't seem to shake the feeling of guilt.

5. When Holly discovered Fay's confession video

The pieces of the puzzle start coming together when Holly discovers a video that Fay had recorded prior to her death. The short clip opens with Fay revealing what had really happened to her and James, and finished with some unsettling, hard-to-watch footage of Florian Helmlinger (aka Lukas Steiner) and Alastair McDermid raping her.

6. When everyone else discovered Fay's confession video

First, we watched Holly unearth Fay's rape ordeal, and then, it was exposed to an entire lecture hall full of potential new university students.

7. When Georgia defended Alastair

It's troubling that Georgia Cunningham is clearly in a mentally dark place because she's still defending Alastair. She even snapped at her best friend Holly when she was confronted, arguing: 'I think I get to decide if I was raped, Holly. It's my choice.'

8. When Rory revealed his true colours

For five episodes, we truly believed that Rory Sawyer was on Holly's side - but oh, the deceit. After revealing his true, twisted intentions and admitting to murdering James, he starts strangling Holly (WTF?).

9. When Rory met his fate

Arriving in the nick of time, the ambiguous Rachel Maddox bludgeoned Rory to death by delivering some sharp blows to the back of his head, as Holly (who had just been strangled by Rory), begged Rachel to stop.

10. When we discovered that Rachel killed Fay

After discovering that Holly and Rachel were childhood friends who had played a part in Lisa's death, we were hit with another bombshell: Rachel had pushed Fay off of the building. Oh, and she also then tried to kill Georgia because she was obsessed with having Holly to herself. We always knew there was something fishy about her.

Clique is on BBC iPlayer now.

Created by Jess Brittain (Skins), Clique is about two best friends - Holly and Georgia - who are drawn into an elite clique of alpha girls led by lecturer Jude McDermid in their first few weeks at university. Brittain says: “Clique is about the different ways ambition plays out in young women at university. It’s a heightened version of a certain type of Uni experience, pulled from my time at Uni, then ramped up a few notches into a psychological thriller. Clique goes to some pretty dark places but returns, always, to the key female friendships of our central characters.”

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