In Worst News Ever, Orange Wednesdays Is Ending. Here’s How To Spend Your Last Ones Wisely

The best deal of all time ever ends, and with it, our ability to go to the cinema


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It’s the end of an era and definitely the end of ever being able to afford to go to the cinema; come February 25th Orange Wednesdays are finally coming to an end.

Sure deals come and go, but since we’ve been doing Orange Wednesdays since our teens, it kind of feels like we’re losing an old friend, and considering most cinema trips are upwards of a tenner now, our last chance to attend the cinema until our boss finally gives into our constant moaning about how poor we are and gives us a big old raise.

Anyways, you’ve got ELEVEN Orange Wednesdays left before it packs up it’s bags and heads off to the big deals heaven in the sky so here’s the films to schedule in before then to make sure you make the most of it.


One of the darker films on offer this awards season, Foxcatcher is the true story about one of America's richest men who started his own wrestling team headed up by ex-Olympic gold medallist Mark Schultz. Steve Carrell plays the eccentric millionaire John Du Pont (with an alarming prosthetic nose) while Channing Tatum plays Mark. Both known for playing lighter roles, both men are fan-flipping-tastic in this tale that becomes less about wrestling and more about a worryingly fine line that exists between mentor and captor.


A film about a jazz drummer might not sound like the most obvious choice but trust us on this, Whiplash is stunning. It's the story of Andrew, a 19 year old first year at Shaffer Conservatory, one of the best music schools in the country. Andrew wants to be a drumming legend, like his hero Buddy Rich and so thinks all his Christmasses have come at once when the formidable conductor Terence Fletcher allows him into the school's band. Andrew soon learns Terence's teaching methods are anything but conventional and the more extreme they become, the faster Andrew's mental state unravels.


This one killed it at the Golden Globe nominations yesterday, picking up no less than seven nominations. Starring Michael Keaton (aka the chap that once played Batman) as a washed up superhero actor (see what they did there?) who's having a last stab at being remembered with some credibility by producing a Broadway play. The thing is, his old superhero alter ego hasn't quite left him behind and hangs over every decision he makes. The whole thing looks like it's been filmed in one long shot that follows the actors (it also stars Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galifinakis and Edward Norton) through the twists and turns of backstage in the days leading up to opening night.

**Theory Of Everything


I mean it's weird that the film version of Stephen Hawking's life focusses on his love life rather than his really rather important work in physics but there you go. Either way, Theory of Everything is a solid work and Eddie Redmayne's transformation into the disabled Hawkings is mindblowing as he charts his physical deterioration over the course of many years. Felicity Jones is great as Hawking's ever supportive (now ex) wife.** **

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