You Won’t BELIEVE What The Cast Of Muppet Christmas Carol Looks Like Now

24 years on from the classic Christmas film, let's take a look at what the actors who played Tiny Tim, Marley & Marley and the rest of the gang look like now. You guys are in for some real shocks.

You Won't BELIEVE What The Cast Of Muppet Christmas Carol Looks Like Now

by Jess Commons |

You've probably read a lot of articles this holiday season telling you where the various actors and actresses from famous Christmas films ended up and how, almost unfathomably, they look different to when they were kids.

Love Actually, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street... all these films have had this journalistic treatment this year but we can't help but notice that one film has been criminally overlooked; The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Can you believe it's been 24 years since Muppet Christmas Carol came out? Omg guys, time flies, what is life.

But what are the actors who played Tiny Tim, Marley & Marley, and the Ghost of Christmas Present up to now? Let's take a look...


They're in a box guys. Because they're puppets. Merry Christmas.

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