Wonder Woman Finally Has Her Own Film And It Only Took 75 Years

Despite playing Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot had no idea she'd be staring in the solo movie

Wonder Woman Finally Has Her Own Film And It Only Took 75 Years

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It feels like superhero movies have long had an issue with women. Not in the sense that they don’t feature them, but rather they’re rarely in the middle of the action saving the world in a film that's all about them. I mean, there’s Catwoman but she was painted as a bit of a dick tbh, and sure, and the 1984 Supergirl film sadly wasn't the best example of a successful female-led Superhero film (it wasn't very good, both financially and in terms of entertainment value).

But in the case of Wonder Woman, in the 75 years since the character’s creation, she was yet to make it to the big screen in a blockbuster movie of her own. ‘People were just afraid to go into what was considered a male-dominated market with a female lead’, Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins tells *Empire *magazine in this month's issue.


‘Better late than never!’, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gardot says, though. ‘I’m just grateful it took so long, because I got the opportunity to play her.

You might know Gal Gadot from the fourth Fast And Furious film, or as actual Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. While she was shooting for Dawn of Justice, Gal didn't actually have any idea that she'd be reprising her role for solo movie. 'I think they were still auditioning me while I was doing the [Dawn of Justice] movie', she said.

To be fair, Gal absolutely bossed it, so we're not even slightly surprised that she was kept on for the role.

Wonder Woman is in cinemas from 2 June 2017. Pick up the March issue of Empire to read more about how Wonder Woman finally made it to the big screen.

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