Woke Charlotte Has Arrived To Make Sex And The City Politically Correct

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Woke Charlotte Has Arrived To Make Sex And The City Politically Correct

by Vicky Spratt |
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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you’re not supposed to admit that you think Sex and the City is one of (if not the) TV series that raised episodic drama on a par with feature films. Like The Sopranos and Mad Men, it was a game changer. Obviously, it goes without saying but is always worth repeating that when we talk about Sex and The City we are not including the films made after the show concluded. They were atrocious.

However, because it deals with dating, female friendship and handbags as opposed to men, guns and violence the show has been written of the stuff of girly guilty pleasure. This could, also, in part be because the characters were more than a bit problematic. You might argue that the fact that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were imperfect was actually part of what made the show revolutionary in its own right…it was a show about women who weren’t well behaved role models…but let’s save that conversation for another time.

Despite the fact that *Sex and the City *was bold and unapologetically boundary pushing when it first aired, watching it today there’s no doubt that we’ve moved on politically.

Enter Instagram account 'Every Outfit on Sex & The City'. Click onto their page and here you will find a politically correct rewriting of the show courtesy of your new favourite meme: Woke Charlotte.

So far, Woke Charlotte has tackled consent, bisexuality, racism and class however we suspect she isn’t quite done with holding up a mirror to the other characters just yet. Woke Charlotte is the natural evolution of Charlotte Yorke as we knew and loved her, she is shocked and appalled by everything everyone does and not afraid to tell them.

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