Will There Be A Second Season Of Stranger Things?

Please Netflix, please?!


by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Netflix, you’ve done it again. Another original series, another chunk time of lost binge watching some bloody great TV. Thank you for the gift of Stranger Things.

But as with every beloved box set comes the time when you finally reach the end of a series and that feeling of satisfied accomplishment is slowly replaced with dread and despair. It’s the moment when you realise that there isn’t another episode to watch. And what the hell are you meant to do then?

You pray to the TV gods for another season, that’s what. And it looks like our dreams of further episodes of Stranger Things just might be on the cards.

Netflix boss Reed Hastings told The Guardianthat it ‘would be dumb not to’ commission another series of our new favourite supernatural thriller, and we can’t say we don’t agree. Eight episodes are just not enough.

Even though Netflix doesn’t publish viewing figures, it’s clear from sites like IMDB that the show is really, really popular. And why has it done so well? It’s probably something to do with how well their policy of commissioning shows with a ‘different angle’ goes down.

Hastings said: ‘Breaking Bad was the good guy gone dark to support his family ... You see Winona Ryder going crazy looking for her kid, it’s something especially with the 80s side of it hasn’t been seen before’

So a second season does look pretty promising. Even Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the series, have said that they already have ideas of where to take the story. Matt told Polygon: 'It's open-ended enough that if people wanted it and Netflix wanted it, we could explore it.'

Well Matt, Netflix say it would be silly not to and the people definitely want it, I'd say it's time get exploring!

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