What’s Your Best Ever Blag?

From unneccesary refunds to free parties, team Debrief discuss their best ever blags.


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When brothers Mike and Dave (played by total fitties Adam Devine and Zac Efron) find out their sister is getting married in an exotic Hawaiian location, they attempt the biggest blag of all time and place an ad online to try and secure the perfect wedding dates. To celebrate the DVD and digital release of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates we've been chatting about all of the things we've blagged. Here are our (anonymous, obvs) best ever blags.

1. What happens in...

"I once blagged an entire trip to Vegas: flights, hotel, J-Lo tickets, the lot."

2. We're pretty sure this is a bit illegal...

‘One time I won an Xbox in a competition. I was in charge of running the competition.

3. Wedding crashers IRL

"I once accidentally gate-crashed a wedding in a hotel I was staying in – I was pretty dressed up, so no-one noticed or questioned why I was drinking the free bar..."

4. The Rachel-from-Friends

"I always return unwanted gifts and blag a refund… and I never feel guilty about it!"

*Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is available on DVD from 12 December. *

Check out the trailer:

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