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Calling All Wes Anderson Fans: This Is Where You'll Be Holidaying In 2019

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We now know the location for his next film and it's a beaut...

If The Darjeeling Express had you planning trips to India and The Grand Budapest Hotel prompted a pilgrimage to east Germany in search of pastel-hued buildings with implausibly symmetrical proportions, brace yourself for another Wes Anderson inspired holiday. The acclaimed director, who released the Tokyo-set stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs earlier this year, will shortly begin production on his next film - and has already pinpointed another photogenic location for his shoot.

The feature, Anderson's tenth to date, will be filmed in Angoulême in southern France, according to a flurry of reports in the French press, with a four month production schedule set to begin in February 2019. As yet, details of plot and cast are scarce, though it is rumoured to be set immediately after World War II. It's surely safe to assume that the director, who has a habit of working with a handful of collaborators over and over again, will call upon famous friends like the Wilson brothers and Bill Murray (who has appeared in every one of Anderson's films since 1998's Rushmore) for cameo appearances. Though he has lived in the country for years, it's the first time that Anderson has chosen to film in France.

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Angoulême is the capital of France's Charente region, found in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region towards the south west of the country. Though it’s not frequently used as a backdrop for film and TV productions, it’s easy to see what drew Anderson – who has a preference for filming entirely on location – to the city. Nicknamed the ‘balcony of the south west’ ( it overlooks a river and is encircled by historic ramparts), it’s home to a handful of old chateaus that wouldn’t look out of place on the viral @accidentallywesanderson Instagram account. It’s also known as the capital of comic books, with trompe l'oeil murals adorning walls all over the city.

Though we'll be waiting a while for a release date to be confirmed, who's to say that you can't plan a trip in the mean time?

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