Walking Dead Update: Shiva The Tiger Was Literally Just A Man In Lycra


Walking Dead Update: Shiva The Tiger Was Literally Just A Man In Lycra

by Maeve Campbell |

Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale…

So here’s the low down. Chandler Riggs, or Carl from The Walking Dead, has just alerted us all to the fact that Shiva the tiger was literally just a man in a blue, elastic suit. Rather than let loose a real tiger on set, the series opted for some very realistic CGI, understandably (sorry Negan). We might have assumed this was the case, but the behind-the-scenes footage just released is so comical, we just can’t get over it.

In case you don’t remember, King Ezekiel’s vicious tiger is seen to leap on to one of Negan’s men, coming to the rescue of poor Carl, who is left shivering on the ground. All that vicious tearing, that violence - we bought into it and we felt the pain. But to be quite frank, we don’t think we can ever watch it the same again, the truth is out, and it’s simply too funny.

Chandler Riggs exposed the secret on twitter, revealing that the lycra-clad man had to jump off a trampoline to achieve the tiger’s pounce, looking like a right mug. The stunt coordinator explained that the actor playing Shiva was 6ft3, whereas the man he’s attacking is comparatively smaller, meaning that there was a “big impact. It really simulates what a tiger hit would be like.”

Maybe so, but we still lolled.

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