Who Is Val From Bake Off? Probably The Greatest Person That’s Ever Been On Your TV

Val for president. Val for your mum. Val is probably the person who's going to make everything OK again. Through the medium of cakes. Go Val.

Who Is Val From Bake Off? Probably The Greatest Person That's Ever Been On Your TV

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Val from Bake Off is great. If you've seen the new series, you know she's the undiscovered gem of this latest lot of hopeful bakers. Val for president.


Where is Bake Off Val from?

Val Stones is from Doncaster, a town called Conisbrough. Which is famous for it's dead fancy castle. Now she lives in Yeovil in Somerset which doesn't have it's own castle. Unless you count Sherbourne castle down the road.

How old is Bake Off Val?

She's 66. You rude person. She's been baking since she was 15. That's 51 years. I will never manage to do anything for 51 years. Except be lazy.

What does Bake Off Val do?

She was a headteacher. Now she's retired but still works two days a week as substitute teacher. Lucky kids.

Val from Bake Off's Instagram

Val's better at Instagram than loads of the younger contestants even though she only started it up less than two months ago. It's @Val.cake.walks. On it, she takes pictures of her work. Not only did she make a Jo Cox Memorial cake

She did afternoon tea for her mates (lucky mates)

And, vegetarian sausage rolls

Oh, she's good at inspirational quotes too

Speaking of which...

Val from Bake Off's best quotes

It's a treasure trove this one. Val's a real catch. Choice examples include

'SOS I can't get me lid off! Oh it's off.'

'Double double drizzle'

'I listen to my cakes and they're not ready. They sing! And they say "Not ready! Not ready!"'

Val from Bake Off's fitness

Val bloody loves keeping fit. She aims for 10,000 steps a day and likes doing aerobic steps to Ed Sheeran.

Val's Yorkshire Puddings

Were a total winner guys. Despite Val's fears that she 'wouldn't be let back into Yorkshire' if she messed up (and her first batch did go flat, to be fair) she went totally wild on the final version and filled them with Mexican Chilli. Obviously they were a total winner because she's Val, and she's incredible. All hail Val.

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