These Tweets Show That We’re Not The Only Ones In Love With Val From GBBO

Val is the best. Val is great. We all love Val.

These Tweets Show That We're Not The Only Ones In Love With Val From GBBO

by Chemmie Squier |
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It turns out that we’re not the only people to think that Val is pretty much the greatest person that has ever graced our screens: basically the whole world agrees with us too. Or at least, the UK.

I mean, we wrote a whole article about how awesome she is after all, as well as everything there is to know about her. Spoiler: she has been baking for 51 years. No biggy.

Anyway, on last nights episode, the online Val love really took off because, despite having what can only be described as a shocker, she sailed through into next week like the hero that she is.

So just to be clear: we love Val. The UK loves Val. So here’s all the best tweets in homage to Val, both from last night and the week before.

1. Could Val be a big time Hollywood set producer on the side? Probs.

2. Val can do no wrong even when she does it all wrong.

3. #Conspiracy

4. At least someone has said what we're all thinking.

5. Respect where respect is due. Always.

6. Classic, Val.

7. We're with you, mate.

8. OK, maybe she's a big time Hollywood actor instead?

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