Tribeca Film Festival Starts Tomorrow – Here’s The Films You NTK

From James Franco's Palo Alto to the creepy Elisabeth Moss led The One I Love


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Amanda Fing Palmer On The Rocks*

When Amanda Palmer (former lead singer of the Dresden Dolls and all-round kick ass pile of amazingness) wanted to release a new record she turned to Kickstarter to fund it. What followed was $1.2 million and a whole lot of controversy. This film – directed by Ondi Timoner, the filmmaker behind 2004’s excellent Dig! – charts the ups and downs of Amanda’s journey.


Palo Alto

JAMES JAMES JAMES. If we ‘ve told you not to message 17-year-old girls from Instagram once, we’ve told you a thousand times. Remember that brief moment when everyone thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt? This is the film they thought he was doing it for. Watch the trailer and you’ll see why. Creepy.

Just Before I Go

Forget about Miss Chanandler Bong and Jen An, Courteney Cox might acutally be the only Friend that’s got this whole post-most-successful-sitcom-in-the-world-ever thing nailed. Following Cougar Town, Dirt and Talhotblond, Monica’s first directorial debut Just Before I Go starring Seann William Scott from American Pie looks set to be both heartbreaking and hilarious.


Begin Again

This’ll either be amazing or awful. And we can’t quite decide. Starring Mark Ruffalo as a washed-up former record exec and Keira Knightley as a new musical sensation who’s just been dumped by Adam Levine (yes him! He’s in films now!), the two work on recording what looks like a super-kooky album all around New York. Oh. James Corden’s in it too. And CeeLo Green. Obviously.

The One I Love

This weird and spooky tale features a couple at the end of their tether with each other who go on a retreat at a holiday home that their therapist recommends. The problem is, there’s something very weird going on at the house that suggests two parallel universes existing at the same time.


Don’t ask us why but this film basically looks like We Bought A Zoo with a food truck. Schmaltzy, wise-cracking co-workers, a leap of faith, a heartfelt message and Scarlett Johansson. What makes this film a whole lot more appetising than Matt Damon saving some tigers though is ALL OF THE FOOD. It’s basically Instafood on heat.

The Canal

Nope, not watching this one by ourselves thank you very much. This Irish horror unfolds when a man realises that a series of grisly murders took place in his house over 100 years ago. 'Weird,' he thinks, not realising that this being a horror film there's OBVIOUSLY some leftover from the crimes still haunting his house. If only more people figured this out earlier. Anyways, it's always mega refreshing to see a horror that doesn't involve blonde sorority girls and a cabin in the woods.


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