Throne From Game Of Thrones Found IRL In An Ikea In France

We're impressed

Throne From Game Of Thrones Found IRL In France

by Maeve Campbell |

Calling all die-hard Game of Thrones fans…


One IKEA toilet display in France bears a striking resemblance to the throne in Game of Thrones. The toilet set-up is surrounded by angular toilet brushes which closely resemble the deadly swords in GoT.

There is some cheeky wordplay here as well, as the wall heading above the toilet scene reads ‘Oserez-vous monter sur le trône?’- which would translate as ‘Would you dare sit on the throne?’. The phrase ‘monter sur le trône’ is also used figuratively in French to mean going to the toilet. So the play on words is pretty clever, well done French IKEA.

However, given that most people who sit on the GoT throne tend to die imminently, it does raise the question of whether the throne may or may not be cursed. We don’t know how we’d feel about doing our business on this bog. All we can say is, whichever IKEA employee is responsible for this genius creation, deserves to be promoted.

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