This Is Going To Hurt: Viewers Shocked By Kinder Egg Storyline

The story is totally true - and we'll never look at a Kinder Egg the same again.

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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This Is Going To Hurt - the new BBC drama, adapted from the best-selling book by former doctor Adam Kay - is creating a lot of conversation. While some people love it, and think it serves an honest look at not only the brutality of labour, but the strains doctors and the NHS face, others think the show - which is set on a labour ward - is misogynistic, and treats women going through traumatic childbirth as entertainment.

But one of the biggest talking points of episode two, which aired last night, wasn't about any of the more serious points. But rather one unexpected storyline: an Easter egg, if you will.

A patient comes into the hospital with something stuck up their vagina, but viewers were then shocked when doctor Adam - played by Ben Whishaw - discovers the item lodged up there is the inside plastic shell of a Kinder egg. But it gets wilder, as after removing it, Adam is about to chuck the egg away - but the patient refuses, before gifting it to her boyfriend, because it has an engagement ring inside. To finish the wild storyline, he says yes, and the doctor takes a picture of the happy couple.

Well, we guess it's a unique way to propose - but as someone joked on Twitter, we 'will never look at a kinder egg the same way again'.

While it might seem stranger than fiction, the story is actually true, and it is included in the original book, which was published in 2017. Back in 2019, Adam even shared the diary entry the story appears in.

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