7 Genius Inventions To Help You Make Your Rented House Ace Without Pissing Your Landlord Off

Just because you can't buy a house doesn't mean you can't live in a house that looks amazing.

7 Genius Inventions To Help You Make Your Rented House Ace Without Pissing Your Landlord Off

by Jess Commons |
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Let's face it. None of us are going to be able to buy a house any time soon. But that doesn't mean you can't have a dream house. Here's the products clever renters are using to get their houses looking ace.

Removable Wallpaper


Because you can't paint (boo) or put up actual wallpaper (double boo), your walls are probably painted a patchy shade of magnolia. Which, let's face it, isn't exactly becoming. Removable wallpaper is one of the fastest growing products in interiors at the mo for this very reason. It can be expensive so probably best to do one 'statement' wall or something. This nifty stuff from Boho Walls is £18 for a small roll.

Removable Wall Stickers

Similar vibe to removable wallpaper but cheaper and with more room to be creative. There's a lot of rubbish ones out there but these from V&C Designs from Not on the High Street for £20 should be enough to cover one wall.

Over the Door Hooks

Obviously drilling holes in walls is going to be somewhat of a problem. But where are you going to hang your coats? Make use of each and every door in your house with over the door coat hooks and shelves. These hooks from Amazon are just £5.49 and will hold at least 10 coats.

Command Hooks

Nails and screws are strictly no-no in rented houes so instead look to command hooks to hang light frames and mirrors. They claim not to leave any damage when you take them off but make sure you read their FAQs first to check they'll work with your wall. Whatever happens at least you won't have a huge stonking hole in the wall. Get three hooks for £2.29.

Tile Tattoos

If the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen are some awful colour that some maniac made popular in the seventies like brown, or avocado, get yourself some removable tile decals to cover them up. These ones from Etsy are 18 for £13.52.

Washi Tape

Essentially pretty coloured masking tape that's not going to rip the paint off your wall. There's a zillion uses for this from creating frames on the wall, to decorating gross old light switches and shelf edges. Check out more uses here and grab yourself some from Etsy for £1-2.

Blackboard Sticker

Use to cover up a crappy wall in your kitchen so you can write your passive aggressive notes to your housemate right on the wall. This one is just £5.99.

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