Nintendo Announced Super Mario Run Will Be Available On IPhone. FINALLY.

Pokemon Go huh?

Nintendo Announced Super Mario Run Will Be Available On IPhone. FINALLY.

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Pokemon Go huh? It’s all about Super Mario on the iPhone now, and we are positively thrilled. Who remembers the days of not taking to any of your family because your eyes were glued to a Nintendo screen? Well, now you can not talk to your co-workers, friends, family, whoever you like, and have your eyes glued to your iPhone 7 while playing Super Mario Run. And naturally the world is extremely excited about the prospect of the 90s game coming back to your screens, we are generation nostalgia after all.

Even Spencer Pratt’s a fan

Nintendo announced that the updated game, Super Mario Run, will be available on the new iPhone 7 (don’t panic if you won’t be getting the new model, though) yesterday at the annual Apple conference. Shigeru Minamoto, a Nintendo developer, talked through the games features, telling the audience that the game would be a side-scrolling endless runner game with the option to battle your friends in a competitive multiplayer mode called ‘Toad Rally.’ You can even go onto ‘create your own Mushroom Kingdom’ model, once you’ve caught all the coins in the first two modes. Players will have to tap on the screen to jump, collect coins and bob goods. This all sounds bloody great and if it could be avaliable right now that would be the dream.


If you can’t afford the iPhone 7 (don’t worry pals, we can’t either) don’t worry because Minamoto said that Super Mario will be available on iOS ‘in time for the holiday.' So you only have to wait until Christmas to play – perfect timing. You can go back to ignoring all your family again throughout the festive season. Long live the 90s.

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