Succession Fans Are Convinced Roman Was Wearing His Dad’s Old Jumper In Last Night’s Episode

But what does it mean?!?

Roman Roy episode five season four of Succession

by Nikki Peach |
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*This article contains Succession spoilers*

We've all been guilty of getting a bit carried away when analysing and dissecting shows we love – but this final series of HBO's Succession has sent us into investigative delirium. It's as though fans are watching it frame for frame to try to savour every last moment before the show finally ends.

The post-episode analysis of episode five was no different. And it was time for Roman Roy stans to really come into their own.

Episode five saw the Waystar Royco top table, aka 'the board' of the family's media empire, fly to Norway to visit Lukas Mattson, a Swedish billionaire and 'tech disruptor' who is geared up to buy WayStar and merge it with his own company GoJo. There was a lot of psychological chess playing going on, some exceptional panoramic views of what turned out to be the Juvet Landscape Hotel, and a stand-out performance from Kieran Culkin (aka Roman Roy).

While lots of fans are talking about his probably-award-winning performance in the episode where he confronts Mattson for preying on his family in their earliest stages of grief, others noticed his costume with eagle eyes.

Throughout the episode, Roman is seen wearing a knitted cardigan (a manigan to most) that looks like he swiped it off the sales shelf at Burton, and some fans think it may have belonged to his late father. You see, in the opening sequence of the show we see the back of Logan Roy at a board meeting wearing a similar navy blue manigan. And in episode five, Shiv says she'd rather remember her Dad by taking one of his old jumpers than hang on to part of his flagging media empire.

Roman, who is proving to be the most sentimental and loyal since Logan's death, might therefore be dressed in his Dad's cardigan as a manifestation of his grief. Well, fans certainly think so anyway. The Instagram account 'RomanRoy.FanBoy' posted a still from the episode of Roman in the cardigan with the caption: 'was roman... wearing one of his dad's cardigans' with a sad face emoji. And so the discourse unfolds!

Lots of Succession superfans have been discussing this detail in the comments section. One user Debbie wrote, 'it's so heartbreaking... this has truly been a standout season performance by Kieran... I wish the whole cast could receive an award for their work on #succession.' And Stacy said, 'Probably! Remember when Logan was in the hospital and he made Greg bring him one of his dad's sweaters so he could sniff it?' Another super fan even said, 'this post f**ked me up dude you have no idea'. Awards for the costume department are in order too, we suppose!

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