Stranger Things Has Been Renewed, But Only For Now

There's good and bad news for Stranger Things Fans this week

Stranger Things Has Been Renewed, But Only For Now

by Miranda Aldersley |
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There was a mixed bag of news for Stranger Things fans this week, as the show’s creators revealed that it although it has been renewed by Netflix for a third season, it (like all good things) must come to an end, and much sooner than most fans were hoping for.


Ross Duffer, who created the show with his twin brother Matt, delivered the bittersweet news in an interview with Vulture. “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” he said. Don’t despair though, as that means we still have three more to look forward to.

The show, which combines 80’s nostalgia with sci-fi, mystery and horror – has enjoyed stratospheric success this year. With 18 nominations at the upcoming Emmy’s, it has already won MTV’s TV programme of the year award, the Screen Actors Guild award for best outstanding performance by an ensemble and, most importantly, single-handedly rescued the amazing Winona Ryder from the brink of the Hollywood dustbin. It even has its own pop-up bar.


Meanwhile, hype around the upcoming season 2, which will appear on Netflix on 27th October, continues to grow. The first teaser was dropped live during the Super Bowl back in February, and was followed up in spectacular fashion last month by a full-length trailer featuring Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Now, the twins have boosted the furore around the new season by adding that, like any good sequel, “no. 2 is always a little bit bigger.”

Still, there’s actually something refreshing about producers who get that everything has a finite amount of relevance in such a fast-paced industry. It’s definitely better to go out on a high than to flog a dead horse for ten seasons, only to end up disappointing everybody with an arbitrary and clearly improvised ending (Pretty Little Liars and How I Met Your Mother we’re looking at YOU).

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