7 Stranger Things Conspiracy Theories That Should Get You Through To Season 2

Now that season 2 is all but confirmed, we've still got a few questions about season one we need answering. Spoilers. OBVS.

7 Stranger Things Conspiracy Theories That Should Get You Through To Season 2

by Jess Commons |
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By now you've probably finished Stranger Things haven't you? Of course you have. It was only eight episodes and it's been out for three weeks. What are you, an amateur binge watcher? Don't make me laugh.

Obviously we're all super stoked the creators have said that they'll almost certainly make a season two but, until then, there's a few questions about season one that we're still mulling over. Things like WHY DID BARB HAVE TO DIE?

Also is Eleven still alive? Is Will a monster? Is Steve's hair that pouffy just of it's own accord?

The internet doesn't provide any answers. Actually, all it does is provide more theories and questions than we already had. Here's a few of our faves.

1. The whole Hopper is Eleven's dad thing.

Lots of people have been saying this one. Obviously Hopper lost his daughter. Obviously Eleven's parents are unaccounted for (save for the glazed over lady who never actually gave birth). Does this mean that the lab did their old switcheroo thing with Hopper's daughter's body and kidnapped her for medical experiments? Hopper leaving the Eggos for SOMEONE in the woods at the end of the series definitely alludes to a fatherly committment...

2. The UpsideDown world is actually the future thing

This theory comes direct from Reddit where there's umpteen theories about the role UpsideDown actually fulfills. This is the most interesting though, 'I don't think it's an alternate dimension. It's the future.' Gurkus85 explains. 'This explains why everything exists in the alternate dimension from the original dimentions, but if they are destroyed in the alternate one they aren't destroyed in the original. The slug will become the monster (by becoming an egg later). This also explains why there were so many bodies in the library even tho only 2 people were taken and both accounted for. The only thing I can't pin down is the lights suggesting the timelines overlap. But I think that's easily enough to fudge through some open portal causes electromagnetic overlap.' This theory is backed up by another user's theory that the slug Will coughs up is the monster that will take down the normal world, causing it to become UpsideDown.

3. Steve is actually the father of John Ralphio from Parks and Recreation

I MEAN COME ON. THAT HAIR. Uproxx have actually gone deep down this rabbit hole and it's very impressive.

4. Hopper is going to be the Brenner of season 2

Sure he might be the nice guy who saved the town from the evil corporation but can we just slow down for one little minute here. Hopper GAVE UP Eleven and the kids when he was captured. No-one knew they were at the school save him, Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan and yet, after he 'made a deal' with the evil dudes, they showed up to kidnap Eleven right on cue. What else was in Hopper's deal? A cushty job at Hawkins Laboratory? A promise to keep an eye on the town and how much they know for Hawkins? Either way, there's something fishy going on there.


So originally, Netflix were going to call the show Montauk. They even released a press release about it last year. Obviously the name has changed, and the location (Montauk is in New York State, Hawkins is in Midwestern Indiana) but, was the show originally based on the infamous 'Montauk Project'? Conspiracy theorists pupport Montauk to be a government facility much like Hawkins and, Preston Nichols, an American who claimed to have uncovered repressed memories of being experimented on at Montauk, has attributed experiments about time travel, teleportation, mind control and contact with alien life to Montauk, all of which came together to create a HOLE RIPPED IN SPACE TIME IN 1983. DOES THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR TO YOU BECAUSE IT SURE AS HELL DOES TO ME.

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