Steven Avery’s Ex Said She Thinks The Making A Murderer Protagonist Is Guilty

Jodi Stachowski Has Revealed What She Really Thinks About Her Incarcerated Ex-Fiancé

Steven Avery’s Ex Said That The Making A Murderer Protagonist Is Guilty

by Eve Simmons |

The ex-fiancé of the most talked-about man in Wisconsin spoke of her true feelings towards her estranged lover last night in an exclusive interview aired on US network, HLN. Speaking with the network’s senior producer, Natisha Lance on current affairs programme, Nancy Grace, Jodi Stachowski came clean about what she really thinks of Steven Avery’s convictions. She didn’t hold back.

When asked about the the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, Jodi said he was ‘not innocent’, deeming him a ‘monster’. So apparently, she’s not quite as caring and supportive as she was when he was first arrested.

According to Jodi, her sympathy was all a big farce. ‘I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go to the hospital and get away from him and ask them to get the police to help me,’ she said.

When asked if she was sure that the man she was in a relationship with for two years was capable of such a horrific crime, Jodi referred to death threats that she’d received from him.

‘He threatened to kill me and my family and a friend of mine,’ she said and continued to highlight the abusive nature of her two-year affair with Avery.

What happened to the doe-eyed, sympathetic wife-to-be we saw in the series? According to Jodi, it was all part of Avery’s master plan. In fact, she was never in love with him and even requested not to be included in the documentary at all. When approached for a final interview by the filmmakers, Jodi declined and is still yet to watch Making A Murderer – as far as she’s concerned, the documentary is ‘all lies’.

Earlier this week, lawyer-turned-TV presenter Nancy Grace expressed doubts about whether all the relevant evidence has been considered by the Making A Murderer producers.

‘I love Making a Murderer,’ she told US Weekly. ‘It’s just leaving out about 60 or 70% of the evidence. I don’t think our justice system should be on the shoulders of two film students.’

She may have a point, but does that really give Avery’s ex the right to publicly shame him on national television?

According to Jodi, her confession was to expose ‘the truth’ about the man was first imprisoned for 18 years in 1985 for a sexual assault that he didn’t commit, before being released in 2003. He was then jailed for murder in 2005. The petition to pardon Steven Avery of the murder he’s convicted of stands at 425,816 supporters and on Monday, the 53-year-old filed an appeal for his release.

The real truth remains to be seen. Is Steven Avery a tragic product of the failings of a corrupt justice system? Or, as Jodi says, is he a dangerous, violent murderer? One thing’s for sure, we’re gonna keep watching…

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