We Spoke To Maddie And Daphne From Nashville About What Hayden Panettiere Is Really Like

The daughter's of Rayna James open up about tweeting Harry Styles and performing for Taylor Swift

We Spoke To Maddie And Daphne From Nashville About What Hayden Panettiere Is Really Like

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If you're a Nashville fan (and if not *why *not?) then you're already well aware of the super talented Lennon and Maisy Stella who play Maddie and Daphne Conrad; the offspring of the great Rayna James.

IRL, they're also performers (obviously, how could they not be) and, at ages 15 and 11 they've already played for Taylor Swift, racked up several hundred million views on YouTube and were personally invited by Michael Kors to his NYFW show.

Ahead of the start of Season 3 on our screens next week, we spoke to them about performing for Taylor Swift, whether Rayna James is as sassy off screen as she is on oh, and about the time that Harry Styles tweeted them...

You guys do loads of ace covers (check out their cover of Charli XCX's Boom Clap here). Do you guys have any plans to release an album?

Lennon: Aw! Yeah, we're doing a lot of writing right now and then hopefully we'll get to the point where we have a ton of songs to choose from and then from there we hope to release an album of some sort for sure.

Who’s the actual best person that’s ever Tweeted you?

Lennon: Maybe Harry Styles. That was awesome. Or Ashton Kutcher which is awesome. There have been a few good ones that have been so crazy... Pink!

What’s it like now you guys are bonafide celebrity ladies. Do you get recongnised a lot?

Lennon: It's been kind of strange finding friends and everything but honestly our parents have always been musicians so we've always been in this kind of environment so it's not completely new to us but it's definitely new getting recognized on the street and stuff like that. You’ve got to be a little bit more cautious of trusting people and making friends and not having them use you for the wrong reasons I guess.

This question is just for me: gave you finished filming season three? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?

Lennon: We have two more days of shooting and then season three is over! Hoping for a season four.

Guys. There HAS to be. What’s the best part about filming the show?

Maisy: That's so hard cos it's so fun! Probably working with the cast. It’s been fun learning from lHayden and Connie and all those people that we love so much.

Lennon: It's definitely an amazing experience and opportunity that we've been able to do!

Is Connie Britton as amazing in real life as Rayna is on screen?

Lennon: Oh yeah, she's amazing. Everyone on the show is honestly… like truly amazing people and amazing to work with and happy.

And what about Hayden Panettiere?

Lennon: She's great, she was a child actor herself so when she works with me and Maisy she's super nurturing and loves getting the best stuff out of us, she's such a great person.

Okay so... I have a little tiny crush on Teddy (their dad on the show) and I know it's so weird and he's old enough to be my dad it's kind of gross….

Lennon: NO!!!

But who do you think is cute on the show?

Maisy: Sam. (Palladio who plays Gunnar).

Lennon: Yeah, Sam. Just because he's probably the closest to our age, so it’s less creepy. He's so sweet and so awesome!

Maisy: He has a cute accent!

You performed for Taylor Swift a couple of years back, was that scary?

Lennon: That was actually pretty nerve-wracking for both of us yeah.

Maisy: It was, yeah!

Lennon: More exciting that nervous I would say.

Lennon & Maisy: We love her, we always have she's great.

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