6 Smart Things To Say About Episode 5 Of Girls

From cat cafes to Japanese virgin men

6 Smart Things To Say About Episode 5 Of Girls

by Jess Commons |
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This week Jessa's sister's in town, Hannah's on a womens' only retreat with her mum and Shoshanna is working in a cat cafe.

1. Cat cafes aren't always wonderful lovely places

Obviously Shoshanna is now working in a cat cafe. But, think Cat Cafes just something from the internet age? Nah. The first one opened it’s doors in Taiwan in 1998 and now, Tokyo alone has at least 39 cat cafes all to itself. The concept is thought to have been popularised because many apartments don’t allow pets.

There is a dark side to cat cafes though. Cats, Cakes and Coffee in Leicester was forced to close after just a few weeks. Visitors claimed it smelled both ‘catty’ and like ‘cat faeces’.

2. The contraceptive sponge is back(?)

In my mind, contraceptive sponges were something that women in the 80s used for shagging inbetween using whole bottles of hairspray and dancing to A-Ha's Take On Me. Turns out though the sponge has had a bit of a comeback in recent time - Jessa's even got one in. Not sure why though – the sponge only has an effectiveness rating of 89 – 91%. Sure it’s hormone free but erm, so’s the coil?

3. Lyme Disease is no joking matter

There’s around 35,000 cases of Lyme Disease reported in the US every year and it’s caused by ticks carrying a bacteria found in woodland areas. Bascially, Hannah wearing a bikini in the middle of nowhere? Not the greatest idea. People with the disease can, if left untreated, lose the ability to move their face (!).

4. The actress playing Jessa's sister is pretty amazing

She’s played by Scottish actress Marianna Palka who two years back released the documentary *The Lion’s Mouth Opened *following her in the day, night and morning before she finds out if she’s got genetic, terminal and untreatable illness Huntington’s Disease. She’s 50% likely to have it and, if she does, can only look forward to the slow demise of her body and mind. Something she's already watched her father go through. Trust us on this – you need to watch it.

5. Crying after sex isn't that weird

Sure we might chuckle at Hannah’s steam room hook-up girl crying her eyes out after orgasming but hey, we’ve all been there right? According journal Sexual Medicine, 46% of us have suffered feeling sad after sex which sometimes manifests itself in tears.

6. A lot of men are virgins later in life in Japan?

Can't believe Yoshi is still a virgin when, as Abigail puts it, he looks like an Asian member of One Direction? Turns out it’s actually quite common. As many as a quarter of Japanese men aged 30 and over are still virgins – there’s even a term to describes them – ‘yaramiso’. Its been suggested that the economic downturn has played a big part. Matching making expert Yoko Itamoto told Yahoo that men have ‘lost confidence as they’ve lost their economic muscle.’

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