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Our original podcast obsession is back guys

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Back in 2014, the story of Adnan Masud Syed, who was arrested in Baltimore in 1999 on suspicion of first degree murder of his girlfriend Hae Min Lee, shot to the forefront of our minds. And this was due to a podcast, Serial, that reinvestigated the murder and perpetrator, and took the world by storm. It's now coming back for series three.

Serial arrived on the scene at a time before podcasts became an integral part of our daily lives, and was, for many of us, the driving force in our love affair with them. And we truly can't wait to get stuck in once more.

So what lies in store for us in the third season? Here's everything you need to know:

When is Serial series three back?

The first two episodes will be available to download on 20 September 2018, and a new episode will be released every Thursday from then on.

The news was announced on Twitter: "Serial is heading back to court—this time, in Cleveland. Season Three, coming September 20."

Who hosts the Serial podcasts? What does she do?

Sarah Koenig is the Serial host and executive producer. She is an investigative journalist, and previously worked as a producer on the television and radio program This American Life.

What will happen in Serial season 3?

Serial gave a few details about what's to come in the upcoming series soon after making the announcement, revealing that the new series will examine the US criminal justice system.

They wrote: "Our first season was about a murder case in Baltimore. Since then, people have asked us: What does that case tell us about the criminal justice system?

"The case of Adnan Syed wasn’t typical in any way—a defendant with no criminal record, a private defense attorney, a six-week trial. The vast majority of cases don’t even go to trial.

You can’t really understand how the criminal justice system works by interrogating one extraordinary case. Ordinary cases are where you need to look.

"This season, we do just that. We take a look at the whole criminal justice system.

"We spent a year inside the criminal courts in Cleveland. They gave us extraordinary access, letting us record everywhere—courtrooms, back hallways, judges’ chambers, prosecutors’ offices.

"As our host Sarah Koenig says, 'Every case we looked into, there came a time when I said, "Wait, this can’t be happening." And then it did.'

This season, we tell you extraordinary stories of ordinary cases. One courthouse, told week by week. You’ll see what we saw, from the inside.

What happened in series two of Serial?

Released in 2015, Serial season 2 told the story of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an American Army soldier who was held for five years by the Taliban, and then charged with desertion.

Do I need to listen to series two before series three? Are the Serial series' connected?

Each series of Serial tells a standalone story unconnected to the previous, so if you're new to Serial you can start with series three (but we'd recommend listening to the first two!).

How can I download and listen to Serial?

For more information on how to listen to Serial, visit their website.

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