Scarlett Moffatt Has Been Crowned Winner Of I’m A Celeb, So Let’s Get To Know Her

Claps all round for Scarlett.

Scarlett Moffatt Has Been Crowned Winner Of I’m A Celeb, So Let’s Get To Know Her

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If you didn’t spend last night glued to your TV screen watching the final of I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out Of Here (me, guilty) then you may not know who won. That’s a flat out lie, you know because it’s been plastered all over your social media feeds, hasn’t it? And are you surprised? Of course you’re not, because Scarlett Moffatt has been a firm favourite to take the winners title since the start. But who is Scarlett? Let us take a moment to get to know the queen of the jungle.

Who is Scarlett Moffatt?


Scarlett Mofatt is a reality TV show star from County Durham, you probably recognise her from appearing Googlebox back in 2014. She appeared on the show with her mum and dad, and later her sister and boyfriend.You may also recognise her from MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs back in 2013, if you want to go that far back. More recently she’s been stuck in the jungle on I’m A Celeb, and was crowned the winner on 4 December 2016. Congrats, Scarlett. Before she popped up on our TV screens she was working as a disability advisor for students.

How old is Scarlett Moffatt?

She is 26, and her birthday is on October 17th. Which means she had her 26th birthday very recently, happy birthday babes.

Where did Scarlett go to university?

She went to York St John’s University, where she studied PE and Sports Coaching and graduated with a 2:1.

Let’s learn more about Scarlett’s time on I’m A Celeb

Scarlett beat comedian Joel Dommett to the crown, and people are pretty darn pleased about it.

Even Phillip Schofield's a fan...

Scarlett on living with Bell’s Palsy

Scarlett has a condition called Bell’s palsy, which she contracted after being knocked over by a car when she was 11. Bell’s palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one side of the face. While in the jungle, Scarlett had to be excused from certain Bushtucker trails because of this, and she took it like an absolute champ. She also doesn't get down about her condition, which makes us like her even more: ‘I don’t feel sorry for myself, as there are so many worse afflictions people can get.’ Claps all round for you, Scarlett.

Scarlett's funniest moments on I'm A Celeb

'Kebab kebab I want a chicken kebab,' anyone? Need we say anymore.

Or how about that time she said: ‘I need to date someone who does nightshifts like a nurse, or Batman or strippers.

Or that time she just got London life: ‘to be fair the underground isn’t my favourite place because it is usually just full of people moaning and pushing into you, and people with really big rucksacks.’

Or just that time she was just an absolute gem: ‘As a kid, this will come as a surprise to you, I’ve always been a bit weird and I wasn’t accepted in a lot of social groups. So i feel that if i i won i would be showing my little sister that it doesn’t matter, you can just be you.

Does Scarlett have Instagram?

Yes, yes she does. She also has Twitter. Go follow her, share the love.

Does Scarlett have a boyfriend?

What a nosey bunch we are, but yes she does. She’s been dating Luke Trodden since April, and things are serious. If you don’t believe us, he cried when he saw her being crowned winner of the jungle. If that isn’t love then we don’t know what is.

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