Who Cares What’s Going On With Ronnie Vint’s Hair?

Instead of focusing on whether or not he’s wearing a wig, let’s focus on Ronnie Vint’s behaviour towards women

Who Cares What’s Going On With Ronnie Vint’s Hair?

by Daisy Hall |
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Usually the body-shaming commentary surrounding Love Island is exclusively reserved for the girls, but now the boys are being targeted too. It’s bad enough that everyone is speculating about Harriet Blackmore and Nicole Samuel’s filler use this series, but now Ronnie Vint’s hair has become a major topic of discussion.

Essentially Love Island viewers want to know all about the football player’s barnet, even going to so far as to ask if Ronnie Vint is wearing a wig or had undergone a hair transplant. Loads of people are commenting on social media, and clearly searching for it on google, as Ronnie Vint's hair is trending.

In fact, the commentary surrounding Ronnie’s hair reached fever pitch when dumped Islanders Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal revealed the secret to Ronnie’s hair. It has become such a topic of fascination that they were even asked about it on a podcast. Munveer revealed, ‘He was very open about it. He spoke to the boys and it’s basically hair fibers. The full backs are gone, but he’s using hair fibers. He owns it.’

Apparently that’s also why he sleeps pretty much upright, with Patsy adding, ‘He doesn’t want anything to drop or fall’.

Tiffany Leighton and Ronnie Vint
Tiffany Leighton and Ronnie Vint ©ITV

For those of you wondering, according to L’Oreal hair fibers are ‘lightweight, teeny-tiny fibers made of keratin protein’. Like a powder, the fibers cling to the hair and scalp in order to mask the appearance of thinning hair or balding spots.

Ultimately though, it shouldn’t matter what’s going on with Ronnie Vint’s hair. Haven’t we moved past the point where we feel the need to comment on reality star’s appearances? What does it matter that Ronnie uses hair fibers to even out his locks, isn’t that essentially the same as girls wearing hair extensions?

According to Health Direct, Male Pattern Baldness is a condition that affects one in every five men in their 20s, one in every three men in their 30s and one in every two men in their 40s. And much like for women, hair can be an extremely important part of a man’s identity.

Indeed a TikTok star called Rhys Strougler – who refers to himself as an ‘ex-baldy’ - has opened up about his own struggles with his hair loss saying, ‘Going bald as a man is actually such a freaking hard thing. I don't think women actually understand just how hard it is.

‘It's part of your identity, and when you go bald, you lose a bit of yourself. It's horrible.’

Plus, Ronnie has exhibited plenty of dubious behaviour that’s much more pertinent for people to dive into. Whilst he seems to have now settled down with Tiffany Leighton, the way that he kept leading on Harriet Blackmore was a huge problem. Even the way that he dumped her – although it was the right thing to do – in last night’s episode seemed pretty harsh to us.

Harriet Blackmore and Ronnie Vint
Harriet Blackmore and Ronnie Vint ©ITV

Let’s focus on calling out the boys’ bad behaviour, not what they look like. After all, for better or for worse, Ronnie seems to be doing alright for himself when it comes to the attentions of the girls.

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