Riverdale Is Doing A Musical Episode And It’s Not As Cringe As It Sounds

Carrie: The Musical is getting the Riverdale treatment

Riverdale Is Doing A Musical Episode And It’s Not As Cringe As It Sounds

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Have you managed to keep up with Netflix's Riverdale? Yeah, me neither. If you’ve never managed to watch the series on account of being one of the few people who doesn’t have a Netflix account, don’t worry because the it’s just been reported that Riverdale is heading to Freeview channel 5Star later this year. But if you have Netflix, devoured the first season and have temporarily paused the teen drama in favour of an epic Friends marathon. It might be time to return to Betty, Veronica and the gang.

It’s been announced that one of the upcoming Riverdale episodes is going to centre around Carrie: The Musical. You know, (but if you don’t, this’ll be an awkward spoiler for you) the incredible one based on the Stephen King novel about a teenage telekinetic girl called Carrie who (in a nut shell) his humiliated at the prom, realises the full strength of her powers ends up using them to kill pretty much everyone in her path? That one.

In an episode called ‘A Night to Remember’, the plot will be based on Jughead making a documentary about their high school production of, yep, you guessed it, Carrie. It’s kind of like one of those plot-within-a-plot story lines which will turn out (we hope) as a magical three-way cross reference between Stephen King’s book, the Broadway show and Riverdale’s usual deep dark and moody atmos.

IRL actor Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller in the Netflix series (and in this particular episode will be directing the school production of Carrie. What a whirlwind), posted photo of character Kevin’s call sheet of sorts to Twitter revealing the full line up of who will be playing who.

Cheryl Blossom has been cast as Carrie in the Riverdale production, so we’ll wait with bated breath to see how Carrie’s story intertwines with what’s in store for Cheryl and her difficult relationship with her mother. Archie and Betty are due to play opposite each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, and we all know how well allusions to that dynamic works out for those two.

Music fans will be happy to hear that Josie McCoy will be in the episode, so of the eleven songs from the original *Carrie: The Musical *score that have been confirmed for the episode, we’re pretty sure she’ll be singing one of them.

You’ve got a little while to wait before the musical episode of dreams – or nightmares, there’s lots of blood – hits your screen though. A Night to Remember is apparently due to are on CW (the American channel that broadcasts Riverdale) on 18 April, so we imagine it’ll be on Netflix for us that week too.

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