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Reese Witherspoon is continuing her world domination as her production company, Hello Sunshine has signed a new deal with AT&T that will launch their own streaming service, Hello Sunshine Video On Demand. Not only will we have an entire channel to binge watch Reese’s hit TV shows, but it will also feature her very own talk show, Shine On with Reese.

Highlighting female trailblazers, the show will see Reese interview women about their inspirations, ‘their perspectives on ambition, work, family and hopes for the future’. According to a release by AT&T, the show will feature guests such as Dolly Parton, Pink, America Ferrara and Ava DuVernay. With Reese’s celebrity friendships spanning everybody from Oprah to Mindy Kaling, we can bet her line-up will be as star-studded as Ellen DeGeneres’ infamous birthday parties.

The series will debut on July 17th, on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-Verse via the Hello Sunshine VOD channel. But it’s not the only new endeavor on the channel, Master the Mess will also premiere this year, and will see decluttering masterminds Clea Sherer and Joanna Teplin take on cluttered homes in what sounds like an ASMR dream.

Of course, unscripted shows aren’t the only things to look forward to on Reese’s new channel, the hub will be at the forefront of her female-driven content as Hello Sunshine continues to create award-winning projects. The next? An Octavia-Spencer produced adaption of Little Fires everywhere.

Essentially, Reese is a business genius who won’t settle for Oscars and Emmys. No, she’s creating production companies, podcasts, book clubs and now her own TV channels. We wouldn’t put the presidency past her at this point.

While her professional life is flourishing however, her personal life seems to be trying to get in the way. At least, her former husband could. In this week’s Grazia, we reported how Reese was being dragged into Ryan Phillipe’s domestic violence charges as a judge has asked to see all of the texts between Reese and Ryan as they may include conversations around to the alleged assault.

Ryan has been accused of attacked his former girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt, in a $1million civil lawsuit. Ryan vehemently denies the allegations, but the ongoing case has put a spotlight on Reese given her history as a campaigner against domestic abuse. ‘Domestic violence is an extremely important issue for Reese’, an insider told Grazia, ‘But she doesn’t believe she should be involved in Ryan’s dispute. She’s so proud of Big Little Lies, and it’s her biggest fear that anything could possibly derail that.’

To find out more, pick up a copy of this week’s Grazia magazine.

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