PokeMobile Cars Will Give Pokémon Go Players In Malaysia Free Rides To Pokestops

I'm sure some of you would LOVE to live in Malaysia right now...

PokeMobile Cars Will Give Pokémon Go Players In Malaysia Free Rides To Pokestops

by Pola Namysl |
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Pokémon GO hasn't even been available for a month and it already ruling the world - people are going nuts for it, trying to catch Pokemons everywhere- parks, museums, work but also places they shouldn’t (like war memorials, private property and an endless list of other places that really weren't built for smartphone games).

But it hasn't been rolled out to the whole world yet. And Malaysia is getting good adn prepared for the soon-to-be launch of the game. Two companies - Hotlink (an Internet and phone service provider) and Grab Malaysia (a taxi pool app) announced that there will be special PokeMobiles available to drive players around.

PokeMobiles are special taxis that will drive Pokémon fans to PokeStops (special places in the game, where you can collect various items and are more likely to catch Pokémons). These cars will be equipped with phone chargers, snack bag and water.

Also if you’re Hotlink customer, you’ll also get $100 worth of PokeCoins (game currency), which can be used for things like upgrading your Pokémon or buying accessories. Another bonus will be 10% discount for in-app purchases. I guess it’s worth being a customer if you’re Pokémon fan.

Oh.. and did I mention the game hasn’t even launched in Malaysia yet?

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