5 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing Pitch Perfect 2

The Bella are back, and they're baring their vaginas

Five Things You Need To Know Before You Go And See Pitch Perfect 2 This Weekend

by Jess Commons |
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The acapella community is really scared of vaginas

I mean really, really scared. The film starts out with the Bellas back onstage, performing one of their stellar medleys for the Obamas (and some other people, but mainly the Obamas), when Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) comes in suspended from the ceiling singing Wrecking Ball.

She does a really good job until she slips, rips her pants and reveals that she’s going commando, baring her vagina to the world.

Not the *worst *thing that’s ever happened, but my oh my, does the acapella community react badly. The Bellas are banned from competing and the clip goes viral. It’s just a fanny, guys!

Sometimes it’s a bit awks

A few people had trouble with the first film’s approach to racial stereotyping and we’re guessing their fears won't be assauaged this time around.

While we get it’s all in jest, it would be nice to see Chrissie Fit’s Latin American character given some lines about things other than her dangerous home country and perilous journey to America.

Also John Michael Higgins’s character (Elizabeth Bank’s co-judge) skates a little too close to the bone with an ill-advised joke about an Indian acapella group taking people’s jobs.

Rebel Wilson is still great

As if she was going to change. Back again as Fat Amy, Rebel’s only got, if anything, better in the three years since Pitch Perfect. Watch out for her beautifully hilarious seranade in a canoe. Oh, and the continuation of the relationship between her and Bumper, which kind of makes you want to tie Bumper’s tubes so they can’t reproduce but feel all gooey inside at the same time.

Haillee Steinfeld makes a super duper addition

Showing up at a time of GREAT TURMOIL (it’s the whole Fat Amy vagina scandal, you see), Hailee Steinfeld stars as Emily, a super-nerdy freshman who’s got one dream; to join the Bellas like her somewhat over-dramatic mum did 30 years earlier. Will having a famous mum convince the rest of the group to let her join? (Spoiler: yes).

It’s yet more proof that Germany is probably the best country

Whereas last time around, the Bellas only had The Treblemakers to deal with, this time they’re going t0 be competeting for the World Championships. Their competition is steep and comes in the form of Das Sound Machine, the German acapella offering.

Somewhere between Rammestein and Kraftwerk, Das Sound Machine is a stupidly well-oiled outfit with a penchant for leather, black eyeliner and CRUSHING THEIR AMERICAN OPPONENTS YAH.

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