The Pictures From The Dirty Dancing Remake Have Been Released And OMG

Having the time of their lives all over again

The Pictures From The Dirty Dancing Remake Have Been Released And OMG

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

If you hadn’t heard about the Dirty Dancing remake by now, let me fill you in. A little while ago TV network ABC confirmed that the 80s classic would be making a return to our telly screens. This time around though, we’re going to be treated to an extended version that’ll give us a glimpse into what actually happened to Baby and Johnny after the credits rolled on the original.

Truth be told, we can’t be blamed for being a little bit apprehensive every time there’s an announcement about one of our favourite childhood films is being remade. Because can you ever recreate the magic a second time around? Like, really? But the promise of an updated version that shines a new light on characters that, looking back, we didn’t get to know all that well, is actually pretty exciting.

And if you’re on the fence about how you feel about Dirty Dancing 2.0, these photos will probably spur you into a rendition of The Time of My Life.


Scream Queen Abigale Breslin plays Baby Houseman and Colt Prattes takes on the role of Jonny Castle. And this picture is the only thing that to ever make me consider jumping into a dirty lake in the woods with my clothes on.

Here they both are proving that the white tank top, dark sunglasses and a motorbike look never gets old.

Remember the character Penny? The super-hot dancer who we later find out is pregnant? She’s played by ex-Pussycat Doll and also super-hot dancer Nicole Scherzinger.

And then we’ve got Sarah Hyland off of Modern Family as Baby’s sister Lisa. Here she is looking rather very 1987 with J. Quinton Johnson who plays Marco. He plays the lead singer of the resort band and I imagine there’ll be a whole lotta swooning in the film.

Let’s be honest. We’re all friends here. Hands up if you’ve tried to do ANY of the dirty dancing moves. The jump? The lift? The dirty, dirty samba? Thought so. Can’t say I wasn’t ever disappointed that my summer school talent shows were nothing like this.

Photos ABC/Eli Joshua Ade

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