Turns Out JK Rowling Is Even More Of A Genius Than We Realised

JK is just brill

Here Are Some Of The Origins To The Names In Harry Potter

by Chloe Laws |

Once again it’s been proven how much of a genius JK Rowling is, and also how incredibly thought-out every detail in the series is.

have dissected a bunch of the names in the Harry Potter series, for example the giant spider Aragog isn’t just a creepy name for a creepy creature, it’s a terminological feat. ‘Ara’ comes from the Greek word for spider ‘Arakne’, and ‘Gog’ comes from the English folklore tale of a giant. Another brilliant name is Argus Filch, who was the caretaker bent on catching the students out of bed; Argus was a monster in Greek mythology who was a watchman with hundreds of eyes. It’s all in the deets.

1) GrinGotts


2) Aragog

3) Argus Filch

4) Grimmauld Place

5) Dolores Umbridge

6) Lucius Malfoy

7) Draco

8) Malfoy

JK Rowling proves that these seemingly inconsequential details are what makes the Potter stories so brilliant; they definitely all paid off! It's amazing how much context there is around all the names in Harry Potter, and finding out what they mean is fab general knowledge/pub quiz material.

Watch the video here...

Here's where a few more Harry Potter names came from.

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on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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