Orange Is The New Black Is Back (Get Your First Look At The New Trailer Right Here)

We’re sorry/not sorry that we’re probs spending all of June 12th indoors, binge-watching the new series on Netflix…

Orange Is The New Black And Alex Are Back!

by Sophie Wilkinson |

The trailer for everyone’s favourite all-girl prison drama Orange Is The New Black season 3 is HERE! Watch it now:

And if you can’t watch right now, or just need some slowed down interpretation of WTF just happened:

  1. Alex Vause is back but kind of sad, and not very happy with Piper at all.

  2. New recruit Ruby Rose appears – for just a tiny second – and she’s an absolute babe.

  3. Pennsatucky is put into a role of responsibility for some ridiculous reason.

  4. Nicky seems to get out of prison?!

  5. Daya and Bennett seem back on romantic terms again.

  6. Piper’s problems don’t really seem that huge anymore – like, she flings a door open at one point…is she really that troubled? Anyway, we’ve realised that with Larry out of the picture (Jason Biggs has previously said he’s left OITNB) maybe all of Piper’s problems will evaporate?

  7. Crazy Eyes is writing fanfiction: ‘It’s love. It’s two people connecting, with four other people, and aliens.’

The hashtag for the series launch is #sorrynotsorry, which is exactly what we’ll be saying to all of our mates when we spend June 12th sacking off all our plans so we can stay in and binge-watch Orange Is The New Black.

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