The Wildest Things You Forgot Happened On One Tree Hill

Including that time a dog ate Dan's heart.

One Tree Hill Was The Most Bonkers Show On Television So Let's Relive All The Worst Parts

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The 00s were a simpler time. OK you jeans were so low-cut that everyone could see your arse crack, and you got RSI from texting on your Razr phone, but Instagram hadn't been invented yet, concealer could be used as a lipstick and most importantly, One Tree Hill was on TV.

We talk a lot about Friends and Gossip Girl, but One Tree Hill doesn't seem to get that same nostalgia love. Which is deeply unfair because not only did it run for about 17 years, it was responsible for some of the most extraordinary storylines on television.

The show is now available on Channel 4's All 4, so while we've still got so much time to fill, that's something to fill it with. But if by some miracle you haven't got time to rewatch the 17,000 episodes, you can just relive some of these wild memories. Because truly, they were extraordinary.

A dog eats Dan's heart

Starting off with the best ridiculous scene of One Tree Hill, the time Dan is awaiting a heart-transplant, but a dog eats it instead. It's meant to represent how terrible Dan's karma is after being such a monumental arsehole his entire life, but it's presented so seriously you can't help but scream laughing.

Not only does a staff member at the hospital carry Dan's new heart through the waiting room like it's someones lunch, he drops it, it rolls out of the box it apparently was NOT locked in, and a random dog that is allowed in hospital waiting rooms for whatever reason eats it. Dan is watching this entire scenario play out, because of course he would be in the hospital waiting room as his heart arrives instead of you know, being prepped for surgery.

Dog eating dans heart
©Channel 4

Peyton's fake brother

One Tree Hill Was The Most Bonkers Show On Television So Let's Relive All The Worst Parts
©One Tree Hill/ The CW

So Peyton's whole family situation is complicated because her mum dies (everybody leaves, remember?) and her dad works on an oil rig. She's also got a birth mum, much like Phoebe Buffay.

Anyway, part way through the series a nice boy turns up and explains that he's her half-brother. Instead of questioning this, they spend loads of time together until it turns out that he's not her brother, but a crazed stalker who tries to kill her and Brooke, in their prom dresses. Although we must admit, the scene of them kicking his arse was - while wildly unrealistic - one of the best.

Jake kidnapping his own baby

Jake is probably the nicest boy in Tree Hill. He's also a teen father, and when his ex, Nikki, decides that she wants Jenny the baby back, instead of fighting a custody battle he just takes the baby and runs away. Everyone seems to think that this is a perfectly normal way to handle the situation.

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy dates Peyton

Remember, it was the mid-00s. Pete Wentz was really, really famous. Apparently he decides to date a high schooler and take a break from his world tour to hang out with her. Sure.

One Tree Hill Was The Most Bonkers Show On Television So Let's Relive All The Worst Parts
©One Tree Hill/ The CW

Everyone ends up famous

Brooke is a famous designer, Peyton runs a record label, Lucas is a novelist, Nathan does something to do with sports. Hayley is a singer, Dan is a basically Donald Trump. Even Skills, who spent most of his time sleeping with Nathan's mum, ends up being a basketball choreographer (yes that is a real job). Seems like a perfectly reasonable number of famous people to come out of one high school.

Everything involving nanny Carrie

Haley and Nathan hire an incredibly attractive nanny named Carrie to look after their son Jamie. She may be pretty, but she is also sad. Sad nanny swims naked and wants to sleep with Nathan. Hayley isn't best pleased about this situation and eventually, after they fire her, Carrie kidnaps Jamie and frames Dan for it. Then there's a whole thing where she keeps Dan hostage in a cabin, tied to a hospital bed while he's waiting for a heart transplant. It all ends with Carrie chasing Haley through a field of corn trying to murder her. Classic nanny problems, right?

Ghosts. So many ghosts.

Ghost Keith. Ghost Clay and Ghost Quinn. Any ghosts at all would have been too many ghosts.

One Tree Hill Was The Most Bonkers Show On Television So Let's Relive All The Worst Parts
©One Tree Hill/ The CW

Actually, everything about Clay

Clay was Nathan's sports agent, who was brought in as a character around the time that other actors left to 'pursue other options'. His storyline went something like this: he was previously married to a woman who died. They had a son called Logan. He forgot all of this for a couple of seasons because he had dissociative fugue disorder.

Katie Ryan

Katie is played by the same actress who played Clay's first wife Sara, only in a brown wig. For reasons which are never totally explored, she becomes obsessed with Clay and ends up shooting him and Quinn.

Taylor constantly trying to have sex with her sisters husband

This might be more infuriating than bonkers, but the introduction of Haley's sister Taylor in season two is accompanied by some wild antics early on. It's revealed that Nathan lost his virginity to Taylor, and she spends the whole time teasing him about it in the most sexual way possible until he finally tells Haley. If it wasn't bad enough that Taylor thrives off her sisters husband being attracted to her, they almost do have sex later in the season when Nathan is angry at Haley for leaving on tour.

After spending a drunken afternoon drinking, dancing and playing arcade games together - a date if we ever saw one - Nathan fully leads Taylor upstairs to have sex with her, goes into kiss her and then realises the error of his ways just in time. Regardless, we will never get over that Nathan trying to have sex with his wife's sister because he's angry at her for following her dreams was just accepted and moved on from.

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The Debrief Celebrity Cameos In Friends

Celebrity Cameos In Friend1 of 29

Janine, aka Elle Macpherson

Joey's Australian dancer roommate who is the real reason we got to witness Ross and Monica perform 'The Routine'.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends2 of 29
CREDIT: Getty Images

Philip Schofield?!

Phillip Schofield shocked This Morning viewers by admitting he'd been on Friends, well, kinda. He's a superfan of the show, and so he actually went along to a viewing of Friends in the 90s. His laugh can be heard in a scene between Jennifer Aniston's Rachel and Matt Le Blanc's Joey in series three.He said: 'I have actually been on Friends. I've been in an episode of Friends. The one where they keep the scary books in the fridge. When I say I was on Friends... my laugh was on Friends.'

Celebrity Cameos In Friend3 of 29

Sandy, aka Freddie Prinze Jr.

The male nanny who Ross had an uncomfortable, definitely not okay, problem with.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend4 of 29

Melissa Warburton, aka Winona Ryder

Remember the big kiss? The one that Rachel apparently had in college with Melissa but no one believes her? That was with Winona.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend5 of 29

Ben, aka Cole Sprouse

Ross's son with Carol was not in the show anywhere near as frequently as he should have been. But the episode where Rachel teaches him how to pull pranks is gold.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend6 of 29

Ralph Lauren, aka Ralph Lauren

Kind of makes sense to have the real life fashion person referred to in Rachel's TV world job, played by the real life person.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend7 of 29

Susie Moss, aka Julia Roberts

Susie stole Chandler's clothes after having him undress in a cubicle in some restaurant toilets as revenge for teasing and pulling up her skirt when they were at school.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend8 of 29

Officer Goodbody, aka Danny Devito

Phoebe's last minute stripper for her bachelorette party was a fantastic dancer, and I won't hear otherwise.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend9 of 29

Dr. Michael Mitchell, aka George Clooney

Meet hot doctor number one who somehow finds himself in the middle of Rachel and Monica's identity swap after Monica loses her health insurance.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend10 of 29

Jamie, aka Helen Hunt

Helen popped up way back in the first season to give Friends a weird cross over into the Mad About You world. She tries to order coffee from Phoebe. It's a bit awks.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend11 of 29

Cousin Cassie, aka Denise Richards

Ah cousin Cassie Gellar. A relative who comes to stay with Monica but is oogled at a bit too much by Chandler so then goes to stay with Ross and has a weird moment over there too.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend12 of 29

Andrea Waltham, aka Jennifer Saunders

What a role, eh? Andrea played mother to Emily (Ross's wife who's name he did not say at the alter) and answers the phone to poor pregnant Phoebe who wasn't able to fly to London for the wedding.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend13 of 29

Tim and Tomas, aka Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

The award for the most out of nowhere cameo probably goes to these two guys who sat on the gang's sofa in the coffee house. Robin's character thinks his wife is cheating on him and for such an impromptu skit, it's pretty funny.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend14 of 29

Will Colbert, aka Brad Pitt

Aka co-president of the 'I Hate Rachel' club and lover of Thanksgiving food.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend15 of 29

Paul Stevens, aka Bruce Willis

Paul is dating Rachel after she breaks up with Ross who is dating Paul's daughter Elizabeth. It's one of the best awkward relationship squares that I can think of and that pep-talk moment in the mirror is A-grade brilliance.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend16 of 29

Richard Crosby, aka Gary Oldman

If you thought the guy who plays opposite Joey in a film then here's why. There's an awkward joke about an Oscar that he hasn't won (in real life and on the show).

Celebrity Cameos In Friend17 of 29

Leonard Hayes, aka Jeff Goldblum

Leonard/Jeff ends up getting peed on by Joey while congratulating him for a great audition, and I think we'll leave it there.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend18 of 29

Erica Ford, aka Brooke Shields

Yep, Joey's creepy Days Of Our Lives stalker is played by the Brooke Shields.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend19 of 29

Zack, aka John Stamos

To jog your memory, Zack is someone Monica and Chandler want as a sperm donor - they just don't tell him this!

Celebrity Cameos In Friend20 of 29

Amy Green, aka Christina Applegate

Here we have one of the Green sisters. We only meet Amy twice, and she has a real issue with getting Rachel's daughter Emma's name right.

Celebrity Cameos In Friend21 of 29

Jill Green, aka Reese Witherspoon

And here we have the other Green sister. She's Rachel's younger sister who comes to find her in the city hoping to start a new life like Rachel did but, well, doesn't. We think dating Ross to spite Rachel might have had a little something to do with it...

Celebrity Cameos In Friends22 of 29

Tommy, aka Ben Stiller

Remember Tommy the screamer?

Celebrity Cameos In Friends23 of 29

Erica, aka Anna Faris

Fun fact, Monica and Chandler's baby girl (one of the twins they adopted from Erica) would be about 17 now.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends24 of 29

Ryan, aka Charlie Sheen

Ryan, one of Phoebe's old flames, comes into town for a couple of weeks and hangs around even though Phoebe has the chicken pox. I suppose you could say it's kind of sweet.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends25 of 29

Kristen, aka Gabrielle Union

Kristen is one of the many women that Joey and Ross bicker over. She appears in The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress (when the girls go to that crazy discount store to help Monica find her dress) and ultimately choses to date neither of them.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends26 of 29

Wendy, aka Selma Blair

Miss Oklahoma runner up and causer of Christmas friction between Chandler and Monica.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends27 of 29

Jessica Lockhart, aka Susan Sarandon

We really hope no one took Jessica's screen kissing tips seriously. She's one of Joey's Days of Our Lives co-stars who is involved in that weird brain swap scenario.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends28 of 29

Mackenzie, aka Dakota Fanning

Nine-year-old Dakota Fanning played the little girl who chats to Joey when he's taken by Chandler and Monica to visit a house out in the suburbs. Neither of them wanted the sale to happen so they bonded.

Celebrity Cameos In Friends29 of 29

Guy on plane, aka Hugh Laurie

Let's have a moment for the unfortunate, nameless guy who has to sit next to Rachel on the flight from New York to London when she's adamant about telling Ross how she feels.

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