All The Best New Things To Be Added To Netflix In June

We say we’ll spend more time outside in the sunshine, but who’re we kidding?

All The Best New Things To Be Added To Netflix In June

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Do you even remember life pre-Netflix? A time before idly staring at your laptop or TV screen completely unaware of anything happening outside the boundaries of Litchfield Penitentiary, let alone the real world? Neither do we.

And even though the weather is amazing and there's a load of genuinely fun, exciting things going on out in the sunshine, there's nothing quite like retreating back home, climbing into those unwashed sweatpants and binge watching the hell out of a new series. So, in the spirit of not ruining a good thing, here's all the new stuff we'll be watching next month.

1. Orange Is The New Black

Well done for being so patient, guys. But you can breathe now because the new season of Orange Is The New Black is finally on the horizon and we can finally find out what the hell happened after that last scene. Have you lost could of the number of times you’ve hit reply on the trailer too? Thought so.

*9 June 2017 *


In this case, GLOW is an acronym, folks. It stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. No, seriously. Based in the 80s, this brand new series about an out of work actress who finds herself immersed in the world of women’s wrestling in an attempt at keeping that classic dream of becoming a star alive. Or rather conscious. Let’s say conscious.

23 June 2017

3. Gypsy

Another new series coming at ya. The sort of one you’ll probably be heavily freaked out by but at the same time unable to stop watching. It’s a psychological thriller starring Naomi Watts who plays a therapist who grows super inappropriate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives. It sounds great but the trailer will probably send a shiver or two down your spine.

30 June 2017

4. Okja

Did you hear about all of the drama when Netflix entered a couple of films to Cannes? This was one of the films. It turned out to be pretty well received by the audience who watched it over there in the end though. Okja is the name of a borderline terrifyingly huge animal. Okja is also best friend to a little girl called Mija. The story is all about Mija trying to save Okja from a big company trying to take him away.

*28 June 2017 *

5. While We’re Young

How can you not have so much love for this film? If you need a bit of feel good in your life, get ready to snuggle up with Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried and watch an ‘older’ couple make friends with a 25-year-old couple and try to rediscover their youth. It’s one of those ‘needs a tub of ice cream’ kind of films and I’m not complaining.

1 June 2017

6. Blue Velvet

If you want to keep it topical, what with the revival of Twin Peaks generating a lot of buzz at the moment, give Blue Velvet (also directed by David Lynch) a go if you haven’t seen it before. It came out back in 1986 and kind of centres around the discovery of a human ear found in a field. It’s as weird as it sounds. But brilliantly weird.

*1 June 2017 *

7. XX

If you don’t like scary maybe approach this one with caution. Four horror stories directed by four brilliant female filmmakers – Karyn Kusama, Jovanka Vuckovic, Roxanne Benjamin and St. Vincent (yeah, that St. Vincent). It first popped up at this year’s Sundance film festival and has found it's way to a laptop near you. Just maybe watch it with a friend in daylight with the curtains wide open.

22 June 2017

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