All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In February

Comfortable? Because you're not gonna want to move for a while

All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In February

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Another month, another fresh load of Netflix content to devour. Because where else would you be spending these long dark evenings other than curled up with your laptop? Thought so.

In what feels like an ever-expanding abyss of content, it’s hard to sort the faff from the films and TV shows we’re proactively willing to dedicate hours of our lives to. And I can’t be the only one who’s ended up in a massive strop (with myself) on a Tuesday night after having spent what felt like hours scrolling through Netflix title after Netflix title and not actually pressing play on anything.

It's a bit too easy to get comfortable with the shows that we like, though. Luckily, there are shows such as Riverdale to keep us up to date on a week by week basis. But what happens when you demolish an entire series like Stranger Things or Power, and finally crawl out of your binge hole only to find that you're be back at square one, just as lost and helpless as you were the last time you had to wait for another season of a show you already know and love? You have no choice but to jump back on Netflix's never ending hamster wheel of confusingly rated programmes and hope for the best when you jump off into one - that's what. And who's really got the time to take that sort of risk?

So, we’ve rounded up the best of this month’s new offerings to take the pain out of finding something to put on while you eat your tea.

Let’s put that subscription to good use, shall we? Here’s what we’ll be watching in February.


Debrief New On Netflix February

Dynasty1 of 7

1. Dynasty

Nothing like secrets, sex and a shit load of money to cause a healthy dose of TV drama. The Netflix reboot of the 80s soap opera is here to feed your need for OTT shenanigans and twisty-turny storylines. 1 February

Bring It On: All Or Nothing2 of 7

2. Bring It On: All Or Nothing

No, not the first one, but we'll take it. The Bring It On films need no introduction, but let's take a minute to appreciate and remember that Solange is in this one. Mind blown.1 February

3. Black Lightning3 of 7

3. Black Lightning

It's a big year for superheroes and the fun starts here with a show that actual comments on the real world in a pretty genuine way. Meet Jefferson Pierce, ex-super hero and high school principal who returns to the crime fighting fray after experiencing an injustice that reignites his appetite for righting wrongs. Its good stuff. *6 February *

Seeing Allred4 of 7

4. Seeing Allred

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, this documentary all about famed women's rights attorney Gloria Allred is making its way over to Netflix. More recently she represented some of the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and supports a former Apprentice contestant who claims Donald Trump made unwanted, inappropriate advances towards her. 9 February

By The Sea5 of 7

5. By The Sea

Don't hate me, but we've thrown in a cinematic throwback to Brad and Angelina back in their hay day. Sore subject, I know, but it's not an awful film and someone – be it parent, sibling, mate or partner – is going to make you watch something romance orientated over Valentines weekend, so you may as well have your selection ready now. 11 February

Everything Sucks!6 of 7

6. Everything Sucks!

If nostalgia is your thing, let me introduce you to your next Netflix addiction. Following a freshman class at high school in 1996 (22 years ago, just to reiterate how old we all feel right now), Everything Sucks is a coming of age comedy that'll probably make you long for the simplicity of our Saved By The Bell years.16 February

The Pursuit Of Happiness7 of 7

7. The Pursuit Of Happiness

Grab your tissues, this is happening. Will Smith and a young, sweet and unassuming Jayden are going to tug on your heartstrings for a couple of hours. 14 February

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